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  1. But lets not forget Big Brother was only axed by TEN that still doesn't mean that there's a slight chance that it could be picked up by another channel and keep on going so there may be a slight chance nothing will need to be done -fingers crossed-
  2. Wish i could go to an eviction,as anyone here been in an FNL crowd, is it awesome. But i must say this years BB isnt as good as last years, especially on the uncut side of thing, still pretty good though.
  3. well played gazza lol. i must have been thinking of where the gold coast is to rockhampton. if you can understand that
  4. but woodnt that information be super confidential?
  5. so you were told the exact location howd you get that. I dont wanna know where im just curios of how you came across that informn
  6. Does anyone here have burnout paradise on ps3 and play it online. Theres only 1 person down here that has it but cant play online so yer psn - Evolution03 add it
  7. mmm unfortunately i live down in rockhampton so i dont like my chances of catching it but itll be sad to see it go
  8. What do tou mean its been done?
  9. Hey ppl i was looking around a rollercoaster crashes and i came along this video someone made on RCT3 http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Abuse-Rol...assacre-7017249 Thats the link kkthnxbi
  10. I thought it was the paradise country farm tour thing
  11. ^ Like i said in my original post i awanted to know if they've started on the house itself which is a part of the park not everyones opinions on the show. Just thought id clear that up
  12. Can i just ask what is it that makes Big Brother so Bad??? I cant think of anything. And does anyone watch the biggest Loser. coz thats all itll be taking over really and for the adds, you dont watch tv just for the adds do you? coz thats pretty sad if you do.
  13. I thikmay have changed it once. Do you remember that series with the square side and the circle side?
  14. Am i not be able to view the forums, or is there none there or is it just my computer?
  15. What did you use to make that? I want it.
  16. Hey does anyone out there have PSN (Playstation Network) on their PS3 if so whats your username? P.s And what games do you have?
  17. I think he wants to know the names of the songs not how pick up the radio frequency
  18. Lime!? What are you talking about, You need red bro.
  19. What about ping-ping then has anyone heard about him since he left?
  20. Fluffy Dice, What are you smoking lol
  21. Can you tell us if shes still in the vicinity of seaworld or not? And has anyone heard anything about Ping-Ping since he left for beijing?
  22. We had the zipper here in Rockhampton last yea My loose change fell out of my wallet halfway through the ride so i spent the second half of the ride looking for it lol. Ive seen the ride operators looking for all the loose chang on the ground after every like 5 rides has anyone else seen that?
  23. Hey i know its like 4 years on but i was just wondering does anyone know if they buried Kanook and if so where? Can u tell me if this post is disrespectful?
  24. I think even though the food at theme parks at theme parks arent the greatest foods in the world but thats wat makes the whole experience more uniqe if you follow me. Like your not gonna get the same food anywhere else except for dreamworld i think there food goes a bit over the edge last time i was there i got a personal pizza and i couldnt even finish it it was that dry.
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