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  1. What's the go with not being able to put greasepaint on my face. This clown is angry...
  2. Not sure how many times i've been on it, but all i know is it'll never get tiring! Best ride on the coast!
  3. Me and my other clowns agree, you were the icing on the cake in the Funhouse. Loved it! We went on both the 3rd and 30th of October, heck i would of gone to them all if work wasn't in the way! Awesome time had on both nights, i'll put a few more pics up soon! Good job Movieworld!
  4. Hi, just found this site by chance, and was flicking through some of the posts on halloween. Anyways couldn't find too many pictures about so thought i'd put some of ours from the night up! Would love to see other people's pictures if they have some! These are a few from the 31/10/2008.
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