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  1. kyle789666

    Do the Poll!

    Rampage-This is a Top Spin like ride(sort of like the wipeoutin dreamworld) Power Surge-made and named by zamperla Tunnel of Terror-pitch black water slide(double tube) Turbo Mountain-W.A.'s fastest Roller Coaster. Bounty's Revenge-Swinging Pirate Ship
  2. Better graphics Better People Carnival Games Sideshow games stands more rides and attractions more flexible babies in prams water playgrounds like the nickleodeon one at white water world better scenery more ride events more expansion packs no fake rides,that would ruin the game unusual but real attractions the rides do exactly the same things as it real life form bild and design your own rides more coaster-building options more waterslide cars and types able to shape up the park to a cool shape(e.gthe same shape of the land owned at dreamworld) easier to control mountain tools better water op
  3. Adventure World held it last year.Its ok...I guess. Adventure World...Its A SREAM!!!
  4. I have never ridden a Ferris Wheel before
  5. OMG a slingshot sorry got excited. Slingshots r to good!!!!GET A SLINGSHOT!!!!!I would put my little bro on to show him what he really should be afraid of.he wont even ride the god damn dragon flyer at adventure world in perth!!!! Anyway thanks and oh of course my tagline- Adventure World...Its a SCREAM!!!The dragon Flyer!!!
  6. kyle789666

    RCT Help

    Heyy plzz reply to me about what you think of this help- To make waterfalls in RCT3 you make a SQUARE shaped lake and fill to top with water.For a start make the lake 10x10.Directly next to it make a Square elevation quite high up keeping it 10x10.Now it gets tricky to explain.Reduce the size o the squares to 8x8.on the elevated square make your 8x8 grid go on top in the middle and drag down so there is an even hole in your cliff thingy.fill that with water.now somewhere like under ur water tool is waterfall tool.click the waterfall button.now with your cursor in the shape of a waterfall clic
  7. Hey guys over in perth theres a place named adventure and itts the best theme park there compared to the great escape and king's carnival.How do ou think it would be better than the best,like the ultimate in perth?all replies appreciated,oh and give meyour brgas aswell. ''Adventure World...Its a Scream!''
  8. Heyy im new here anyway i live inperth and been to ad world HEAPS (the year 2008)i dont think its too bad but they haveto get rid of the paddle boats due to complete crapness and boredom.i think 3 monsters would fit in there!
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