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  1. ^Guessing you ment $3.1Billion for Hong Kong Disneyland, Love the over Hyping of it in the Paper, Rivial Disneyland HA!!!! and $220 Million and a picture of Expedition Everest as an example of what could come... Expedition Everest cost $100Million + US Dollars, Still for Melbourne would be fantastic, but doubt it comes to realisation
  2. Nope not happing, if it was some Employee in the park, they dont know crap, these are the ones that spread the most stupid rumors about disneyland, no one working at disneyland would know about a Australian Disneyland, either way next looks to be Shanghi than who knows, i dont see us getting one anytime in the next 20 years we dont have the population, tourism that a Disneyland needs to be supported or government support (Disney will onlyfund about 35 - 40% of the project, rest usally governments or companies) considering a Disney park and infersturcture to support it, transport, hotels etc
  3. The reason its been ages is that Cable channel Arena has the exculsive Australian Rights to Ellen, And Ch10 can only show them a couple of weeks after they origianlly aired on Arena, these were on at the start of this month on arena. Just to let you know for the week after she returns from Universal there are extras during the shows of what you didnt see while there like other rides etc.
  4. I spent 7 Days at WDW in November, then went onto 2 12/ weeks in Cali than Vegas then NYC. 3 days isnt enough for WDW but better than nothing. Mickey's Philarmagic is the best 4d Show its amazing, if you had more time id say hire a sea raycer and cruise around Seven seas laggon and Bay lake, but you won't have time unfortunatly, i wanted to goto IOA but didnt find the time. EPOCT is fantastic, go on Sorin' unless its a long line and you've been on it at DCA, Test track is great too and you have to do spaceship earth. and watch Illuminations it Phenomonal! Do TOT its the best in Florida
  5. They Should have the same Locker system Grizzly River Rapids at Disney's California Adventure Has, Lockers are free for the first hour. I you don't come back within that hour, it locks you out till you pay the appropriate fee. How easy is that, a complete no brainer and fair. Just sounds like MW wants some more money.
  6. I Like Melbourne's better its still wrapped by the scenic railway, which is a great piece of rollercoaster history. But lets face it there both pretty crap.
  7. If It ever happens were ever it happens, im sure it will be succsessful, disney studies these things, and know alot more about their industry then us internet geeks, they will know excatly were to have it to sucseed
  8. That Robotic Arm Coaster is real, it's in Legoland in California and rumored for a new DCA ride based on the Incredibles.
  9. WOW all those old coaster's dreamworld will proberly buy one of them, for their "new" attraction, they seem to like buying old crappy coasters instead of being innovative and putting in a nice new coaster....
  10. That's not a negitive. If the parks here can be shown for how crappy they are on a world scale good! migh make people realise theres better and stop going, enough to make them do somthing about it that is. An HKDL looks so beautiful except for the lack of rides. Can't wait to visit next year!
  11. I don't think the bid was the soul finance for the park, i would imagine disney would fessup money for it and be the major owner, and the only way a park would ever be built here is if the government put in, like with most O.S. Disney Parks. I think Lindsay just wants a share in it andthe get things moving.
  12. ^exactly snows at Tokyo as well and they get hurricanes as well
  13. Well Doesn't Dremworlds Wiggles World open around the same time,? Coinsodince? (sp) i doubt it
  14. I'm sure they(universal and Dreamworks) don't care, this brings in money to them anyway and i'll bet it doesn't say WB at the start if i recall there isn't anying at the start, like a normal movie. it just delves into the movie. Bottom line is WBMW is a buisness the bottom line is to make money and this way they will make more money than makeing there own movie, and the fact that Shrek is a safe bet for money making.
  15. ^CLose TO Best i'd say 3rd best its behind Mickey's Philarmagic and It's Tough To be a Bug
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