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  1. Warner Brothers investment in the next Mad Max is over $100 million dollars, and Mad Max 5 it has been revealed will also be over $$100 million and will be filmed immediately afterwards. Superman Escape was the previous example of WB being aware of a massive initial investment by the film arm of the company in a film due out mid 2006, so as part of the campaign to raise the popularity of the character, they invested in the ride and opened it in 2005 before the film was released the following year. It appears they are taking the same approach with Mad Max, they're going to use the ride to build awareness of the coming films one due early 2013 the other due possibly at the end of the same year.
  2. yep, that's also the scariest thing about the LPM Scenic Railway... and they have the Mad Mouse(Metropolis) at LPM as well. two of the most rickerty coasters you'll ever go on. Anyway I'd love to go on the Superman Returns and the Motocoaster... they've put those in since I went to qld last time. So Lethal Weapon is my vote...
  3. Nope. Melbourne has been tantelising film companies for years for a Movie theme park... Disney, Paramount and Universal have expressed interest for many many years. Heck Paramount had fully planned for their park at the Docklands in '99. It was going to have the Jurassic Park River Ride, a Star Trek themed Rollercoaster(The Borg), the famous Indiana Jones ride(localised version) and a James Bond themed Attraction. Dang Victorians had to vote in Steve Bracks and they suddenly got cold fingers and pulled out!
  4. Agreed. Disney's interest in building something over here is two fold. They want a park(It would be smaller than their other parks) AND more importantly they probally want to build studios here like WB(at movieworld) and FOX(in sydney) did. This seems only to have been hightened with the opening of Melbourne's Independant major film Studios at Docklands(we want everything Sydney has!). Australia has been proven to be "the place to film" for many of hollywoods biggest productions and a Disney park's best hope of being built in Australia is becasue of disney wanting to get a slice of the top quality film crews and production services that we have in australia for their cinema releases. It is not because of the profits a theme park would produce, but really because of the quality film production services avalible in Australia to major hollywood productions. It has been very sucessful for Fox and Warner Brothers, and doubtless disney are keeping their eye on it. Other studios have also expressed keen interest too, Paramount was set to build a major theme park and Studio in Melbourne's Docklands in 1999 and pulled out because of the change of government. The Gov decided to procced and build the huge film studios anyway.
  5. I'm going to sydney soon and I'm making sure Luna Park is on my list of things to do.. but before I go up there I'm heading to St Kilda first... Melbourne's Luna park recently got upgraded a year or so ago and I still havn't gotten off my ass to go there so I'm going there next week, and I hear Sydney's Luna park has some brand new attractions... so Which one is better and why?
  6. Crown Casino's Galactic Circus in Melbourne is now the largest operating Indoor Theme Park in australia. It's a peice of **** though as compaired to the other indoor parks mentioned(I've been to segaworld, it craps all over Galactic Circus). They claim to still have the motion rides Flight and Cyber Coaster... Yet I go there regularily and Cyber Coaster isn't even there anymore, and Flight has been out of order for about 2 years! Although they now have M9 Laser Wars, it's really just a large Videogame arcade.
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