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  1. This reminds me of the movie - Contact!
  2. Wow. Check out some of these rides! Damn it. Had this awesome short video in Mp4 that I can't upload. Any help? I know you will all love it. Cheers
  3. So Superman Escape at Movie World is 40m High and Kingda Ka is 139m High. WOW! More than three times the height. That would be awesome!
  4. They were both wearing (what looked like) protective goggles. Is this only for the front two passenegers?
  5. The guy got stuck at the top of the loop. This is where people slowed the most (a few others we saw only just made it round). As soon as someone stops, they hit the E-stop and this stops all the water, jets etc. As the slide is dry, the guy didnt move at all. He pushed himself down backwards to the bottom hatch. He was closer to the top one, but I guess when your inside you don't really know. Once your stopped, it would be hard to get momentum back (without any water in the tube).
  6. I think that the heavier you are, the more certain you would be to get around. They did have a set of scales at the top, but I never saw them being used. We think that the guy got stuck as he had a massive set of dreadlocks (down to his bum) and was wearing a t-shirt. He also looked like he was trying to slow himself down with his hands. This all created drag. When we were watching people ride. The smaller / lighter people looked like they might not make it around and people with rash shirts etc also looked like they may not make it. He was the only one that didn't make it round in the time that we were there. But the ride op said it's not unusual for it to happen 'at times' As for the jets. I noticed them on the outside. But honestly, it went too fast to even see what they did on the inside. But when you are standing in the launch chamber, there is a curtain of water being shot down the back of it. There seemed tobe a fair amount of water in this. Enough to get you through the loop. There was also larger jets after the high point of the loop - to propel you through and out I guess.
  7. The first pic was taken from the viewing area. We sat there for about 1/2 an hour watching it all. In the second one, you can see the people lined up on the tower. Bout 1/2 an hour from where they are. Glad WNW will have 4 of these. You can see in the third photo that at the bottom of the runoff there is an E-stop button for the Lifeguard if someone does not make the loop! Not too many promo shots show these slides from this angle as it does not show it off as a 'Vertical Loop', but believe me, it is a trully amazing slide!
  8. Hey, I just got back from Bali. Where they have the CLIMAX at Waterbom park. It was AWESOME!!!!! It is a pretty scary slide. What made it worse was that a guy (about 10 in front of me) didnt make the loop! I will put a few photo's up shortly.
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