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  1. Just got back from White water World (won tickets via the courier mail). The rides are awesome! The main difference with WWW and WnW is the fact that the WnW has so many average slides and WWW has only a few fantastic rides. Ride queue times were a bit of problem but I supose that was to be expected on one of the first trial days, although the park didn't look completely full. Does anyone know whether WWW will be expanding in the future has I had a good look aroudn the park and there doesn't seem to be much space for expansion (as they do need it). Anyone going to WWW in the future remember
  2. Slight problem with actually have a whale in Seaworld on the Gold Coast is that you would need a huge amount of space. Australia doens't typically get Killer Whales in the area and to have a blue or humpback whale would just be extremely expensive. If anyone has every been whale watching before you would know that some of the blue and humpback whales are actually bigger than the boats.
  3. The reason that the Gremlins ride has gone is due to the fact that they needed somewhere to put the Scooby Doo ride. The movie theatre still exists from the beginning of the ride (don't know where. My uncle works for WVTP and has been in it recently). But the actual ride is now the Scooy Doo ride.
  4. I was talking to one of the guys I work with and he also works for Wet N Wild and he was saying the delay of the openig of H2O Extreme Zone is due to Superman. What happened is that all the construction workers that were working on Superman were also working on H2O extreme zone. Therefore superman had to be done quicker so all the guys were sent over to movieworld and the opening of H2O extreme zone was post poned.
  5. I thought that the slingshot ride was a joke...
  6. I was just wondering if anyone has popped down yo seaworld in the last week to see the new ski show? I know it hasn't been advertised, but my uncle( who works there) said its been going for a week and that the new show has changed quite a bit. Wat are peoples opinions about it?
  7. A while ago I read that BB is contracted to Dreamworld until 2007. Also, why would BB move as they house and the theatre is already set-up, and for them to re set up the hosue would take a fair bit of time and a lot of money, but also to move camera equipment and BB would have to search for brand new staff! So, I would love to hear where you found this from?
  8. I was reading in the Gold Coast Bulleting yesterday that Movieworld has some major attractions coming including outback spectacular, but also they are upgrading their batman section. One thing is that they are getting the Batmobile from the the lateset movie Batman: Begins...
  9. Thanks Willsy, I took the 0 out of the date and it worked! Thanks again for your help!
  10. I did all that..i tyoped in my number***** and then i typed in the expiry date 26/9/2005...or watever it is..i typed it in exactly and i still didn't work! Am i doing anything wrong?
  11. WooHoo!!!! I got it too work! But I can't log on to the max action pass holder section...can anybody?
  12. I've tried 3 times and it's still the old boring bue one on my computer!!!
  13. Well, everyone beats me here! I've only ever beeen to Dreamworld, Seaworld, Movieworld and Wet n Wild! There only totally different parks!
  14. Hey guys, Just a quick question, does anyone know when Dreamworld is updating their new website. I got a dreamworld letter in January saying that it'll be updated late feb. but today is the 28th and still the old dreamworld site. :confused:
  15. I got 10/10..Dreamworld fanatic..What can i Say!!! WOOHOO!!!!
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