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  1. Thanks for all your advice.. so as I said in the OP I wont be wasting any money because the entrance to SFMM comes included with the Go Card which I bought specifically to gain access to other tours and parks. So having SFMM on it is a bonus really and since it's there I thought it's stupid to waste it and a few hours are better than 0 hours right.. I wouldn't have bought a ticket to MM otherwise as I simply do not have time to really visit there a full day.. As I said number one priority for LA is Movie stuff (which incidentally includes Universal) second is rock and roll (I am staying i
  2. Hi all Doing LA at end of August. Originally I wasn't going to worry about Disneyland as there wasn't time but an extra day got added so decided to do it even though I've heard you need like 2 or 3 days there.. anyhoo I thought one day is better than nothing and the park will be open until midnight I think so will stay until late. Any advice of must do's a lot of the rides do look more like for kids but will make sure to do hyperspace mountain. Won't be going adventure park just original Disneyland Similarly wasn't meant to go to Magic Mountain either even though I would love to
  3. I hear ya! Yes the 1980's had so much cool stuff: Grundys (with the international food court where bowling is now) - And had the mini golf on the roof which I never tried and dodgems as well I remember a place I think it was called Space Golf which was on Surfers Paradise Blvd about where Lorna Jane is now - it was a space themed putt putt Putt Putt at Coolangatta Airport! Putt Putt at Cararra opposite the markets, near the driving range (I only went there once but it had like Harbour bridge and other cool themed courses) Magic Mountain - at least got to go there once too All the american s
  4. That's weird I sort of remember that whale and how it was only a false one but I could have sworn that 'Squirt' was black and white but false killer whales are grey. I guess my memory is shot but I do remember seeing him in the water and that's why I thought he was killer whale because his colours however this video confirms he was in fact grey.. seaworld ad from the 1980's.. Does anyone remember when the castle underneath the flume ride used to be open with a kids play area inside? That used to be cool.
  5. I think I've brought this up before but I have a huge problem with the fact that with all the Superman theming in the park there is no Superman character that goes around in the parades etc.. Yeah they got Batman and Wonder Woman etc.. but where is Supes? Laterz
  6. I for one saw this ride on a waterpark special years ago and thought it looked awesome. I think it would be very different from the tornado because it was ridden on 1 person tyres I think where you are lying down. This gives you more control over how much you slide around I guess. This is also the reason why I wish they would bring in the pro-silde bowl where, the body slide version. We have got the one on a 4 person tube at WWW but that is boring I think the body slide version would be much more fun, again you feel the slide more and have control over your sliding
  7. thanks, maybe thats it.. so you can confirm there is definitely stuff popping out at you from the screen that you feel like you can touch?
  8. I remember when it first opened, you got to go on the studio tour. I reckon they should bring it back.. after all, it is is MOVIEworld isnt it? And it is built on the set of movie studios.. Im assuming parks like Universal studios have studio tours in them?? I just think it seems to be about rides now and shows like any other theme park, make it more about the magic of movies.. And I still even enjoyed the movie magic effects show with superman, lethal weapon and memphis belle show.. Also you always see justice league characters walking around, where is superman?? I mean c'mon!!!! I've ne
  9. I have seen both other 4D movies at MW, the original live action time travel one and marvin the martian and remember how 3D it was with things popping out at you from the screen. Was looking forward to Shrek 4D a lot but found it wasnt very 3D at all. I took my glasses off several times and found I could watch the movie fine without them when usually in 3D movies if you do this, it will be blurry. I thought I had dodgy glasses but my wife and daughter said the same thing, no popping 3D stuff and also the whole movie didnt even seem to be in 3D. Is it just me or is this how it is?? If so why
  10. Hi All, Wondering if WnW have ever done promos on annual passes maybe in the winter months and offered discounted annual passes? Or are they the same price year round? Also wondering why the child's annual pass is nearly the same price as the adults when the day entry ticket prices have a substantial price difference? If I buy a child's annual pass after she has already turned 13 will the still let her in after she has turned 14 or would they make you pay the difference after birthday? Thanks!
  11. Thinking about going this Sat, but I would have to leave by 4.. I didnt want to waste my first visit so would 10 - 4 be enough time to do all the rides?? As Thats all I'm worried about Can anyone please advise what the crowds are like at the moment? Thanks
  12. Hi All, I already have my pass to visit WWW in the next 3 months but seeing as I live on the coast, I thought it best to wait until the school holidays are over but now I am thinking, I really want to go and see what the place is like so wondering if anyone can please tell me if you have been threre over the last few weekends what the crowds are like on a saturday and a sunday and if its worth going or waiting? Thanks!
  13. I want a kingda-ka ride.. For me thats the ultimate. And it would be a first for Aust and would tower over the Superman Escape. It has to be done properly at least the same height at about 130 metres.
  14. Just wondering. I cant wait to try out the behemoth bowl but to be honest, I wish it was the body slide version not the 4 person tube one as I reckon the body slide one would be more fun as you could give yourself a better ride by trying ride the walls of the bowl etc.. Anyways, I was wondering, do you reckon the behemoth bowl would still allow you to go down the ride without the tube?? THen you could have the best of both worlds.. the tube version and the body slide version..
  15. Dont know if anyone has posted these yet but I was going past today and the behemoth bowl is nearly finished so I took a couple of snaps Excitement!!
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