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  1. I wonder if TRR conveyor belt was like this. ( Ignore the maintenance staff's behaviour lol)
  2. Ardent CEO has donated her $850,000 pay bonus along with another $157,500 to the red cross to benefit the families of this tragedy. Should shut the media up on the "article" now.
  3. Its going to be hard to remove TRRR unless they concrete fill the channels.
  4. In the video Richard posted the turntable does not appear to be working. So must of been stopped early on.
  5. ashhole157

    Dreamworld Memorial & Reopening discussion

    all of WWW and small rides
  6. well seven news is saying the pump failed which caused the first raft to get stuck. Pretty horrific thinking about it after the visual animation.
  7. If that is the cause and the ride was shut down earlier in the day for that reason then I can see a BIG lawsuit in DreamWorld's future. Although if a pump did fail wouldn't the rides computer auto shut down?
  8. Ok thank you... Earlier in the day when seven went live to DW ceo laying a wreath at the park he said they would be releasing a statement this afternoon. Shouldn't be far away now.
  9. I wonder if a ride op could of hit the e-stop when the first raft got stuck?
  10. any updates beside what we already know? @www worker 2.0
  11. Any new information you can clarify on? Like operator error or just a freak accident.
  12. if two riders were ejected from the ride could they of been standing up, like the RHLR a while ago.
  13. ashhole157

    Thunder River Rapids incident at Dreamworld

    abc 24 press conference moments away