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  1. Thanks @Brad2912 Glad they aren’t giving away 13 months and a photo pass for 80 dollars anymore.
  2. Anyone else have an expiring Dreamworld pass? Did you get a renewal offer? Last year I got an offer of 80 dollars to renew, just wondering if it’s not a flat price across buying new and renewing?
  3. I think repaints of all the slides is a given. If it doesn’t happen this year, management at vrtp is at an all time low...
  4. Buy a SV shirt and you get the Dreamworld Sky Voyager globe bottle for half price 7.50. Buy anything SV and get a free cup. Thought I’d let everyone know.
  5. Buy or renew your Annual Pass between 28 November 2019 and 2 February 2020 and you'll automatically be entered into the draw to win Dreamworld's BIGGEST Prize Pack, valued at over $18,000! Our BIGGEST Prize Pack will include: Annual passes for 5 consecutive years for 4 people 1 x ExperienceOz Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2 people 1 x $200 Lego© Gift Pack 1 x $300 Quiksilver Gift Pack 1 x $100 Dreamworld Merchandise Pack BIG Bonuses PLUS, all of the following benefits for one year: Up to 4 x Ride Express tickets in one day for 12 visits, 6 Cabana ‘treehouse’ hires and 6 flowrider rides 20 one-day passes into the park on the winner’s birthday 4 x SkyPoint dinners for 4 people to the value of $50pp at each visit, and 1 x Sunrise SkyPoint climb for 4 people (age limit 13) ALL of our Dreamworld animal experiences $100 in games tokens, free reserved seating and popcorn at all Dreamworld shows offering the VIP experience, VIP parking for 1 x year and 1 x free caddy hire per visit 1 x invitation to be one of the first to ride the new coaster if within the first year, free rollercoaster gondola access for 5 rides if open within the first year Free access to all Dreamworld night events A table of 10 for the ‘Very Dreamy Christmas Party’ event, Dec 2020
  6. @Brad2912 or anyone else who has experienced FS, did you think the slides were a bit rough or uncomfortable?
  7. I’d say the rush is after Christmas during January.
  8. Everyone is going so much faster down these slides than when I visited on opening day. Could be different factors like water pressure, instructions to cross legs and arms or just wear in the slides but either way, everyone is speeding down all of the six slides. Bodyslide 3 is also closed
  9. They indicated TOT was being upgraded before it was closed.
  10. I mean they could have laid everything out in a more convenient and logical way.
  11. Although @Brad2912 said the queue wasn’t long. Also, when I’ve been at Dreamworld these holidays, the crowds haven’t been impressive. It’s been rather quiet, WWW is doing well though.
  12. Highly doubt an incident occurred because the ride was scheduled for maintenance. Also, this user is not a reliable source with a proven track record.
  13. It is frustrating when staff are inefficient when loading just because the queue is small. I recall a year ago when staff would frequently load TOT once every 10 or so minutes just because the queue was only a few cycles long. You would hear them talking in the operating room while guests are waiting to be loaded. Safe to say since the change in management, I haven’t seen this behaviour in staff anymore.
  14. Just put together a comparison video now that all major slides are complete.
  15. No because the water is only coming out of the top of the slides, there’s no other water pumping vents throughout the slide so no matter the pressure the water is released at, it is going to have no affect. Also, when you sit up you will go slower than when you lie down. Especially when you don’t weigh much. The whole slide complex is aimed at everyone, there are thrill slides that do get high speed, but other slides will go slower for children e.t.c.
  16. For the enjoyment of those who don’t want to give me precious clicks.
  17. - Tailspin has audio of planes playing now - Giant Drop has an additional queue sign above the staircase - Fencing has been put up at the path under Giant Drop - Fully Six has also had fencing put up to create a queue
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