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  1. It is indeed Brainiac's ship. The two 'people' you can see flying around the ship may be Brainiac's drone robots.
  2. Google translate replied: *Someone at the park said the robots/themes removed from the Scooby Doo ride contained materials that could cause a fire* *The characters are still being used in the parade*
  3. Nojoy

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Very important section you didn't emphasis - the exclusivity applies only "within the Territory". Territory being defined as being within 250 miles of the Universal Orlando Resort. So this contract is worthless in supporting your argument that Universal has a world wide exclusivity right...
  4. As someone who has an abnormally high seated height (shoulder bars usually cut in painfully) the apparent head chopper effects are less welcome...
  5. Building on themagician's post above, the corroboree and animal enclosure area of DW is so terribly underrated. Every time we go there I drag my wife through to see Millie the tree kangaroo, the Tassie devils, curlews, wombat, dingoes, owls, bilby, gliders, wedge tail eagle and crocs/gators. Last weekend the dingoes even out on a special show for us whilst fighting over the carcass of a pigeon dumb enough to roost in their enclosure. With the vintage cars and log ride out of order it probably reduces foot traffic, but I think this is a great area of the park. I just wish they would do something with the lake and island again - bushranger show etc behind GD.
  6. From third lane northbound on M1 this morning. Coming north Batshot and Superman are more visible from the highway at this stage though I note the current elements are smaller than the hill will be.
  7. Unfortunately ex-tc Debbie flood water has caused damage to the newly opened Gold Coast Wake Park located on Maudsland Road. From anecdotal posts it seems some of the obstacle equipment has been swept down the Coomera River and the embankments of the property may have been eroded to a degree. Their Facebook page is being updated with details Thoughts with the staff and owners in the coming cleanup/remedial works.