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  1. Gonna follow the construction closely from now on 🙂 I live about 30 km away from Blue Fire at E.P. - and while I`m happy that I`m able to ride that coaster for more than 10 years now - regularly - I`m still super-jealous about you getting it with the spinning option 🙃 Thinking about how intense and fun that ride is in places even without spinning I can`t even imagine how great, fun, intense and disorientating it will be with the spinning 😍 The multi-launch will be a nice bonus to the standard-version - but the spinning car will be the real highlight for sure...
  2. Hey guys...this is GeorgeT from Germany again...I took part in the discussion when DC Rivals was being build. You know what? I am a little surprised that there are so little positive let alone raving reactions about the spinning car. As a regular visitor of Europa Park even after hundreds of rides on Blue Fire I still enjoy that coaster a lot. Even without a spinning feature. And yes, I know that it`s not everybodys cup of tea when a coaster car is spinning...but I really do think that riding Blue Fire in a spinning car will be one of the best coaster experinces on the planet for those who`re
  3. The guys from Mack are experienced. They know that the coaster will get faster over the time - there will be more breaking in. I was seeing that with Blue Fire. They also know that the train will be faster when it`s full of people, while the last videos were made empty. Also: Those trains are very high - because of that this coaster type tends to look slower than it is! And: It hast one if not the best beginning of all hypers. You guys will love this coaster. To those who never rode a coaster with these Mack trains: You will love them. Riding a long and fast rollercoaster with these trains is
  4. Rave ahead: That`s better than an normal loop. Ich can see it! I can see it now I Love the shaping
  5. Oh...wow ! Honestly...everything they revealed in the video is a huge win in my book. First of all the shaping of the first drop: Being a regular rider of Expedition GeForce I can tell you that the shaping is absolutely sublime. Sooo many people love the combination of the super steepness and the twist Then you`ll ge the huge airtime hill after the first drop and those little bunny hills close to the end...that adds so much to the parts of the layout we already knew, right? And the backwards seats? What an opputunity to get a whole different ride experience from what will already be a fantas
  6. Thanks for the report. Riding Taron in the daytime is without a doubt a great coaster experience...but so is EGF for me, or a warmed up Wodan or even rides on Blue Fire (front seat). But: I was able to ride Taron in the dark for a few times...an holy cow...that was my best coaster experience ever. The lightning, the fog, the music, the theming, the screams of the riders and the amazing sound of the launches...these things together created an experience that really blew me away. Guys...try to catch Taron and Klugheim in the dark, if you can...maybe in autumn, maybe in the wintertime or on one o
  7. Hey guys! After introducing myself a few pages ago I would like to share my thoughts about the way the coaster develops. To be honest I am very surprised that we didn`t see any loops until now. I`m also surprised that the coaster will be that twisty...while there´s no "typical" airtime hill until now. If some bunnyhills will come close to the end that would be a very nice addition...and if I`m right the the footers are clearly leading to that kind of ending Regarding the intensity: Mack are using a soft wheel-type on their mega coasters - leading to a very comfortable and quite ride experien
  8. Hey guys ! My Name is Gero, I`m from Germany, living very close to Europa Park and the Mack factory. Knowing the enormous quality of the Mack Megacoasters, especially those unparalleled trains...I have to admit I`m officially jealous now I would so love to have that coaster you`re getting a little closer to me I`m following the updates closely and enjoying it very much. Hope it´s okay if I`m joining the conversation a littlebit. Greeds from Germany... Gero
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