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  1. That was my first thought as well. They have taken the colours from Tsunami, and copied (and improved upon) their tornado. Interesting choice as it will stick out like a sore thumb against the hillside backdrop, but maybe that's what they're aiming for. Plus the park is going through a bit of a 'fantasy' period of theming at the moment with their updated kids area.
  2. Funfields' planning application has just been approved by Whittlesea Council tonight. Will be a multi-coloured tornado slide, which will share the same tower and splash pool as the Gravity Wave. No name or opening date yet but it's bound to open sometime in 2020. Great to see the continued investment. This will be their fourth ProSlide and their seventh overall. They have also applied for a couple of other permits (to better compete with Gumbuya IMO) which includes opening until 8pm on 7 selected days in January and a liquor licence for the wave pool area.
  3. Gumbuya have put out a small update today. The Wave Pool looks finished and will open on Melbourne Cup weekend (Nov 2-3) but no date yet for the new slides (still under construction). They put a short video on their Facebook also spruking the concert they’re holding at the end of November. Here are some screen caps.
  4. Took me a little while to realise that was a PCL joke. This is the park that did let them in though!
  5. From a general public point of view, great to see Funfields moving more towards themed lands and these additions will help attract more families to the park and encourage more season pass sales. From my personal park attendee point of view, i’m disappointed because I thought this would be the season that Funfields would build their new slide to go next to the Gravity Wave or build some other teen/adult attraction. Oh well, hopefully the 20/21 season brings more goodies. Also here’s the new park map for the season. Looks like the little kids go karts and Burnout (former Dreamworld Sti
  6. Caribbean Gardens in Scoresby, Victoria has a pretty old chairlift! Still in operation I believe. Was relocated from the Whistle Stop park near Frankston about 50 years ago!
  7. Adventure Park near Geelong have just announced their new waterslide for the 19/20 season, the triple funnel four person raft slide called Tsunami, located next to the existing Tornado Slide. It's expected to open in November but unfortunately guests will still have to carry up their rafts, as the conveyor is not scheduled to be installed for another 2 years! Still it's great to see the Victorian parks continue to invest in new attractions. Funfields is now the only one remaining who haven't revealed their new 19/20 attraction.
  8. I was actually curious to see what this looked like, so I did one! So not much overlap for this one. AP/FF have overlap around Werribee, but FF and GW have a decent amount in the inner -mid south eastern suburbs. I also did a 90 minute one, which I think is the maximum most people would be willing to drive to go to one of these parks: So Funfields and Gumbuya end up being within reach of virtually all of metro Melbourne, but Adventure Park only reaches to the inner eastern suburbs and some of the Mornington Peninsula (the map even takes the ferry trip into account!). It's
  9. Great news, and will help keep Funfields and Adventure Park on their toes. What a great time for Victoria's 3 regional theme parks! Also found this image of the new slides from this article https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/gumbuya-world-expands-to-include-new-gigantic-slides-and-family-wave-pool/:
  10. I was at Gumbuya last Saturday night, my first visit since the total revamp, and I rode the rebel (my head was so dizzy for about half an hour after!). I agree that it looks totally out of place. They are installing some permanent paths and queue lines to the ride but unfortunately it will always looks like a travelling carnival ride no matter what they do.
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