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  1. melbourne_guy

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    All but confirmed to be Cosentino now.
  2. melbourne_guy

    Gumbuya World’s New Slides

    I was actually curious to see what this looked like, so I did one! So not much overlap for this one. AP/FF have overlap around Werribee, but FF and GW have a decent amount in the inner -mid south eastern suburbs. I also did a 90 minute one, which I think is the maximum most people would be willing to drive to go to one of these parks: So Funfields and Gumbuya end up being within reach of virtually all of metro Melbourne, but Adventure Park only reaches to the inner eastern suburbs and some of the Mornington Peninsula (the map even takes the ferry trip into account!). It's also almost reaches Ballarat. Also interesting is that Funfields almost reaches Shepparton in 90mins while actually reaching the Geelong CBD also. Gumbuya almost reaches Sale (and covers most of SE Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley).
  3. melbourne_guy

    Sky Voyager Opening Date Competition

    December 26!
  4. melbourne_guy

    Gumbuya World’s New Slides

    Great news, and will help keep Funfields and Adventure Park on their toes. What a great time for Victoria's 3 regional theme parks! Also found this image of the new slides from this article
  5. melbourne_guy

    Gumbuya World New Ride Announcement

    I was at Gumbuya last Saturday night, my first visit since the total revamp, and I rode the rebel (my head was so dizzy for about half an hour after!). I agree that it looks totally out of place. They are installing some permanent paths and queue lines to the ride but unfortunately it will always looks like a travelling carnival ride no matter what they do.