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  1. then got 9/10.Question 6: stumped me as i always thought it was "A"
  2. because my cousin won some money last yr @ crown Casino so he gave me $1,000 so i decided to go to the Gold Coast for a few days.I was also heading up to Cairns in Feb 05 and staying on the Gold Coast for a few days on the way back so decided to get a pass and save heaps of money.(the Cairns trip was already paid for b4 my cousin gave me the money )
  3. also have a 1G SD card so can take over 1,000 pics and 70 mins of movies.
  4. I have a max action pass which expires 9th Oct.but i live in melb.so airfares would be a problem.But i do have a 5mp digi cam which records movies and sounds.
  5. Lethal Weapon is a great ride but i hate it when it plays ping pong with your ears. :confused:
  6. Also the DW passes give you a 10-20% discount on food and drinks.MW does not.
  7. I live in Melb and i have a pass to DW and MV.I visit the parks every 3-4 months.Anyway in regards to DW passes per entry he's what i came up with.1st entry $60.00 2nd entry $15.00 3rd entry $15.00 4th entry $15.00 5th entry $15.00 6th entry $15.00 7th entry $15.00 8th entry $15.00 and 9th entry.based on the $15 up grade it takes 10 entries to get full value on the passes.
  8. I love Scooby the coaster.But i hated sitting in the back as it always hurt my stomach on the last dip.
  9. I'll vote when i visit next month.
  10. When it comes to Roller Coasters Australia is crap.What we need are coasters like the ones in the USA.
  11. i sent DW an email end of feb and was told "Due to a current promotion the web site will be running in april"
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