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  1. tailsnosthings

    Warner Bros Movie World on foxtel

    can someone please send the shows that were on foxtell to me?.....someone had to tape them .....
  2. :eek: and this site has gone STOP aint it.......is every one dead????
  3. tailsnosthings

    ScreamWorld......good & bad points

    that was on the web site when i looked at about 3pm fri afternoon said sold out blah blah etc
  4. tailsnosthings

    ScreamWorld......good & bad points

    Its the title of the heading and thread not what was going in mine And as stated in my post !!!! I had a REALLY good time..... the things listed were small details i had ..... the idea is for others to put there good....bad ....points keep up
  5. Well yeah i screamed but what a great night........ ish Over all it was a great night and i had a ball, but there are a few things. 1. 30 min wait for 5 groups of people to go through for cyclone (which we all know about its issuses) 2. Dont tell the line up of tower of terror that the car over shot the brakes and is getting pushed back in place and may take up to 25-30 mins. 3. Dont shut the ride lines at 930 just because its a 10 close ( i asked a attendent for $5 bucks back as thats half an hour of my money gone to watse.....she was not impressed :mad: ) 4. Have it 6.00pm till 10pm lines close 930pm rides close 10 if your in the line you will get a ride..... 5. I fully understand the noise levels and that dreamworld must follow them. 6. Have all seats working on each side of Drop if your going to have an event like this......(didnt get to ride it due to lines closing) 7. Get some one else other then ummmm whats her name?????? to sing. 8. Make the event 18+ 9. Put up fences so the guards dont look so ruddy bored blocking no go areas 10. Get rid of the annoying people bashing on the drums.... They were the points i found with the night. Dreamworld you did well...... lets see more like this..... or keep the park open till 10pm and have a late night entry at just that $30 6pm-10pm What do you think.......
  6. tailsnosthings

    New Attractions !!!!

    Thats all the info i was told..... I wasnt told what it will be. sorry for now anyways....... never know further down the track
  7. tailsnosthings

    New Attractions !!!!

    thats all info i can give. i dont know what it is i just know something comming. sept 05..... be it the wiggles thing or on thunderblot site.....or wiggles then something thunderbolts site then sept 06 completed thunderbolts area. rest is up to the rest of you to blah about hehehe
  8. tailsnosthings

    Roller-Coaster.com.au Subscription

    pay money to see theme park ride vids????? not seeing to many world wide sites do this ....its not right. Fine pay for dvd the mag the things that cost you money to make and send......not stuff people just send you..... i can visit 1000's of coaster sites and not pay for movies!!!! other items yeah maybe Re think this idea its a bad one....
  9. tailsnosthings

    New Attractions !!!!

    Whats big and red ????? A bloke called Jeff who sleeps alot??? A gay pirate???? Arms, spikes and a dog???? No its not some gay event held in Sydney each year but Dreamworlds next redevolpment in the ex tomb radier area....ooooo Then Sept something new as well in PART of thunder bolts area...... Also the following Sept something to complete thunderbolts grave.....and will make Movie Worlds ride this year look like 2 school boys playing with match box cars..... i was right about the Claws name see if we do good again thus time ha ha
  10. tailsnosthings

    Log Ride

    thought id have another go with the pics. also whats the deal with the dino in the second turn shed bit ????? over all the years ive never got it........did it get lost one day and could not jump? (ps if its a dino....i could be wrong it looks like one) just covering my *^#! :eek: cause some of you can get narky over simple things if people are wrong
  11. tailsnosthings

    tomb raider down

    tryed to be clever almost had it
  12. tailsnosthings

    Log Ride

    log ride look so differant when no water in it......but they certainly doing a bit to it.......also noticed for the first time on the raft ride...the dinosur was moving and lights wow i have pics but they wernt loading
  13. tailsnosthings

    2005 new additions (announced)

    very funny alex made me giggle and get mental image
  14. tailsnosthings

    Discovery Channel, behind Movieworld

    did anyone tape this show and can you do a copy and send it to me PLEASEEEE
  15. tailsnosthings

    Tower of Terror video or pictures

    hi ya ive got a short video of the ride.....but its not on the ride....just as it goes past also if you check out this site http://www.coasterforce.com/videos.php and scoll down to the bottom of the page to "thrill rides 2003" there is a whole video of coasters to download.......part 1 has the "superman the escape" from over seas on it and gives a good run down on how it work and a lot of footage... or theres other really good footage on their other pages..... tho cable is a good idea http://www.coasterforce.com/cftv.php