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  1. hey folks hows everyone doing im just posting a new exciting and exciting thrill ride The Downunder Jet Ride Jet Boats Sydney's biggest jet boat adventures departing daily from 10:30am Circular Quay Jetty No. 1 Near the Sydney Opera House. Our Jet boat rides vary from 30 min " JET BOAT RIDE" to our 45 min. " EXTREME ADRENALIN RUSH" Jet boat ride. Unlike any other jet boat ride in the world Book Sydney's Thunder Jet Boat ride today.... Also the following video feature is not taken by me reasons being that im in Spain COsta Del Sol enjoying sunshine The following curtusy of DownUnder Jet YouTube Jet Boat Video
  2. i was just looking at the photos of the of whitewaterpark i was wonder for the duration of the construction of the water park is the CYCLONE functioning or disfunctioning for the constrction of this water park otherwise wouldnt the objects in the position between the track of cyclone wouldnt it cause problems im just curipus please leave comments
  3. Did any one remember to take a camera to take fotos or you wernt allowed to take fotos if u have taken any fotos of show please upload it i now live in spain i use to goto dreamworld wen i lived there i miss it so much
  4. Has any one got any photos of the Friday Night Games Arena If not and your going please take a camera and take fotos for me and uplioad it here please thx cheers
  5. hey all im in spain and i thought i might post the theme parks in spain they aint as good as Dw Mw WnW And Sw Aquavera - http://www.aquavera.com/ Tivoli World - http://www.tivolicostadelsol.com/esp/ Selwo Adventure - http://www.selwo.es/ Selwo Marina - http://www.selwomarina.com/ Parque De Attracciones - http://www.parquedeatracciones.es/ Aqua Polis - http://www.aquopolis.es/ Parque Reuindos - http://www.parquesreunidos.com/oceanografic Zoo Aquarium - http://www.zoomadrid.com/ Magic Island - http://www.islamagica.es/ Have Fun Looking at these sites also if u like to no more contact me on here pm me
  6. They Have Aquapark here in Spain two in fact one in mijas and oher in torremolinos which in spanish means Waterpark http://www.aquamijas.com/ http://www.aquamijas.com/plantillas/index.php?SEC=home&l=en
  7. i just seen the batman begins, basically i didnt enjoy it one bit part from seeing the car also i was just think i dont think they'll make a batman 3 ride because it was nothing to do with it, well at least not yet its only the begining, watiting for sequal to com out
  8. I remember there use to be a fun fair of some sort in front of conrad jupiters casino well where oasis is under the monorail track las time i went was 3 years ago wen there was the circus and fun fair mini theme park lol
  9. can someone go there and record it with there cam and share it here so we can all see it, its jus an idea sicierlly alex
  10. hi i just bought the ps2 small version i was wonderin how do u go on net like surf the net on the ps2 was i ment to any cds with the ps 2 wen i bought it or wen i plug network cable would i connect straight to net can somone help sincierly Alex Aka DarkSide
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