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  1. I found the best source of information about what was coming or being done within a park was the maintenance crew. They always knew what was going on for obvious reasons. Most members of the public will never see any maintenance crew let alone speak to them so ride ops often have an advantage in that respect. "The Bus is now leaving for the Balranald Visitor Information Centre, NSW"
  2. I was on the Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago for about 24 hours, unfortunately it was due to the death of my Grandmother. Anyway after being picked up from the airport and being driven to Ormeau we went past WNW, Movie World and Dreamworld. It had been 6 years since I had been there so saw some big changes. One thing that surprised me was the condition of the slides at Whitewater World and how faded they were. I did some research and spoke to a couple of people I know who use plastics outside on a regular basis. Basically what I found is that very hard to UV stabalise coloured plastics. With the number of applications for coloured plastics in outdoor environments I find it strange that no one has come up with a reliable method of stabilising them. "The Bus is now leaving for Stables, South Australia"
  3. I just found the post on Facebook -https://m.facebook.com/groups/112682402142538?view=permalink&id=543358882408219&ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment_reply&actorid=1019935762 "The Bus is now leaving for Drop Drop Corner, South Australia"
  4. There was the planned and earth turned attraction for Wonderland that was similar to the Sydney Skycoaster at WnW Sydney. For the life of me I can't remember the name of the one that was going to go in at Wonderland but I saw a photo recently of the earth turning ceremony on a Facebook page but I can't find it. The logo was purple with a screaming cartoon face. "The Bus is now leaving for Skyline Knoll, Tasmania"
  5. There was the planned and earth turned attraction for Wonderland that was similar to the Sydney Skycoaster at WnW Sydney. For the life of me I can't remember the name of the one that was going to go in at Wonderland but I saw a photo recently of the earth turning ceremony on a Facebook page but I can't find it. The logo was purple with a screaming cartoon face. "The Bus is now leaving for Skyline Knoll, Tasmania"
  6. I have heard there has been a large fire at Old Sydney Town that has destroyed at least 1 building and caused at least $500,000 in damage. There is 15 fire truck plus Police and Ambulance crews on scene. "The Bus is now leaving for Old Sydney Town, NSW"
  7. I don't know if I missed it or not but did anyone else notice that the NYE party that was cancelled and rescheduled for Australia Day was cancelled again and refunds were given and advice to contact Consumer Affairs with any further problems was made? "The Bus is now leaving for Party Bore and Tank, Western Australia"
  8. I think the 3pm to 8pm hours are very smart as long as they reduce the ticket price, which I imagine they will. Think about it, they will get the kids who have finished the day at school but the biggest advantage of this is staffing, they only need one shift of staff and don't have to provide breaks as it's a 5 hour shift (anything longer requires a minimum of a 30 minute break). "The Bus is now leaving for Staffhouse Creek, Tasmania"
  9. If you mean the docks at White Bay (in the shadow of the ANZAC Bridge), I think you'll find it's going to be a cruise ship terminal. "The Bus is leaving for ANZAC Cove, Turkey"
  10. Someone at Fairfax Media has a thing for theme parks at the moment. http://m.smh.com.au/nsw/walt-disney-company-proposed-a-disney-resort-in-sydney-20140111-30nfk.html "The Bus is now leaving for White Bay, NSW"
  11. Very interesting read. Bianca Sammut the Operations Manager used to work at Wonderland for those playing along at home. I know people in the security industry who have a very low opinion of Mr Kisbee. "The Bus is now leaving for Security Dam, South Australia"
  12. Mrs Krabappel the orange crayon hurt my eyes. Wow, just wow, this thread is all kinds of special. Reanimated, where do you get off providing useful information that is freely available on the internet? That new fangled Google search thingy is so silly as is the Wet'nWild Sydney website (even if it is actually crap). Swagjord as a New South Welshman born and bred I thank you. "The Bus is now leaving for another State, I don't care which one but I'm going as quick as I can to drop of my one and only passenger"
  13. Already being discussed at "The Bus is now leaving for Links Well, Western Australia"
  14. I have actual experience of the wage difference between Australia and North America. In the early 2000's I finished my University studies and decided to travel the world. I left Wonderland where I was being paid between $15-$20 per hour depending on shift loadings etc (I don't remember the exact figure). I travelled to Toronto Canada where I secured a job a Canada's Wonderland also as a ride operator. My starting wage as a level 1 operator was just under $7 per hour. Once my supervisor found out I had ride experience I was quickly moved up to the highest ripe operator level (short of becoming a supervisor) and moved up to a whopping $8.25 or there abouts per hour. At the time the currency was nearly dollar for dollar. How's that for a grain of salt? "The Bus is now leaving for Dollar Downed, NSW"
  15. I don't think that would do anything to help, they wouldn't be able to cover the 155,000 season pass holders so many would miss out and therefore the whinging would continue. I don't agree with them refunding any monies for season pass holders who wish to return their passes. If anyone thought they would by a pass and get in everyday and not have any queues on any of the attractions they need their heads read. The writing was on the wall long before the park opened that they would be at capacity on most days over the holiday period. Whilst I understand parks do this to try to get people to buy food in house and therefore make more money ($15 for a crap burger, seriously?) I think that this is the kind of policy they should change to get some 'good will' back from the public. Yes they should be checking people aren't bringing glass and alcohol into the park but food should be a free for all. Does anyone who has been know how the 'no smoking' policy is working out for them? It will be interesting to see what they do in regards to ticket prices next year. Hopefully they will limit season passes to a reasonable number and therefore force more people to buy day tickets and therefore increase revenue. "The Bus is now leaving for Foody, NSW"
  16. Obviously not or the event would have gone ahead. "The Bus is now leaving for Goneaway National Park, Queensland"
  17. What I've heard through the grape vine is that the event was cancelled due to one of a couple of explanations: The first being that the stage area wasn't going to pass or didn't pass an engineers examination. The second was that the organisers had failed to notify all of the relevant authorities (local council, Fire & Rescue, Police etc) and gain approval for the event and provide them with relevant plans. The organisers were a group of 4 guys from various countries who only formed the company in September and had little idea of what was required to organise and event of this size in Sydney. "The Bus is now leaving for Vine Vale Rural School, South Australia"
  18. An interesting list published on News.com.au. Number 4 really? It was originally posted on Adioso.com but I couldn't see the article on that website. "The Bus is now leaving for Listowel Downes, Queensland"
  19. Does anyone know how hard it is to get a liquor licence? I personally think that NYE + alcohol + water is a bad idea and I know all to well how it can end up and I don't want to be dealing with the aftermath at work tomorrow. "The Bus is now leaving for Boozer Creek, NSW"
  20. Why would they expand already? It just doesn't make sense to me I think it will be at least 3 more seasons before they do anything. dannant where did you get the information that WnWS is struggling for staffing levels? "The Bus is now leaving for Staff Well, Western Australia"
  21. No one was ever going to save Wonderland because Subway didn't want it to be saved their only interest was the land it was sitting on. Do you think VRTP would have been willing to pay more than $52 million for a park that was past its prime and needed several new attractions to bring some life back to it? Stop flogging a dead horse Wonderland Sydney is gone, hopefully Sydney's Wonderland gets up and running. Franny, zacsta, I personally think that for a venture like this to be a successful venture and for Ammar to get enough investors onboard it needs to be more that just rides, it needs the restaurant strip and entertainment section (both separate from the rides section) to do that. Jeffery Hanna Barbera is not relavant is this day in age, not many people under 30 would know what it was or who any of their characters were. It's time to move on. AlexB WnWS capacity may be 22000 but they would get more than that on capacity days due to how long they are open for and people leaving and being replaced with newcomers. I think they will get well over the million mark this season and probably next. Yet another reason I won't be going this year or next at least. "The Bus is now leaving for Hanna Family Park, NSW"
  22. Another day at capacity, at 10:35am mind you. "The Bus is now leaving for anywhere except Wet 'n' Wild Sydney"
  23. Sorry I will change my attitude and become a complete moron, I might then also have a chance at becoming a politician. I saw this on Facebook, Wet n Wild Sydney memes - https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=579693928768540 didn't take long did it. Mods maybe it would be worth splitting this thread now that the park is open. "The Bus is now leaving for Memel, NSW"
  24. Wow, just wow I don't come on for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose. Dave the Rave I'm a bit confused possibly because it's 1am, did you get in or not? If not I suggest next time you plan to arrive before opening time to ensure you all get in. I've been reading their Facebook page with amusement, all these people whinging and whining about the park getting to capacity or having to queue for a slide or the park having to cease operation due to an electrical storm. It just makes me laugh, if anyone didn't expect the park to reach capacity by now they are deluded. Ranger Dude, what pressure from the Police? It's not WnW's fault an electrical storm came through the area (and it won't be the last). Yes the traffic management was lacking but there is only so much you can do when thousands of people all leave at the same time, if I was there I would of hung around as long as possible inside then sat in my car until most of the idiots had left. "The Bus is now leaving for Storm King Dam, Queensland"
  25. Seems a bit ambitious "coming 2014" when ground clearly hasn't even been broken yet. Yes the park isn't huge but a lot of ground work needs to be done before any buildings or slide towers are even started and knowing the Hervey Bay area very well the weather will undoubtedly delay construction at some point beyond what will be allowed for by the project manager. "The Bus is now leaving for Ambitious Bank, South Australia"
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