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IOA Trip Report

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Well its been about 6 days since i've been to IOA & Universal Studios but the memory is still fresh! We left our apartment at Daytona beach around 8 and got to the park around 9.The park had a promo on where for $80 you can purchase a 2 park pass. For those who dont know it includes IOA and Universal. We entered the park and went straight for Hulk. We wanted to purchase a fast pass, but the lady at the office was kind enough to tell us it wont be needed and sure enough the longest we waited for a ride was about 20mins. Now onto the rides. HULK: The hulk is a amazing rollercoaster. Just watching it makes you excited about going on it. The que line has great themeing as some cartoon about Dr.Bruce and his experiment. The theme is that this "canon" is some sort of experimentbut as always goes horribly wrong. The lift hill starts slowly but about 10m from the top is shoots you out! And BANG your eyes blur as your being exposed by the bright light. A nice banked drop takes you into a Cobra Roll and a smooth loop followed by a dip under the bridge. A few twist and turns and a 4 more inversions. Overall a great ride 9/10 Dueling Dragons The themeing for this ride is AMAZING!! The que line takes you through a castle which seems to take forever! But the themeing keeps you amuzed. One room had a frozen knight and his horse pinned to the ceiling. ICE: Ice is the tamer one of the two. You get some great airtime and speed on it. Fire: Loops and more loops! This is one crazy ride from the word go! Near misses with Ice and some great inversions. Fire:7/10 Ice:8/10 Spiderman Back to the future meets Men in Black! This is one AMAZING ride. Its very realistic and very entertaining. The que goes through the daily Buegle and some famous Spidey landmarks. The ride is amazing and regardless of age it would keep you glued to your seat watching in awe what will happen next. 10/10 Ripsaw Falls One crazy log flume ride. Prepare to get wet! The que took us about 5 to get through. There wasnt any que, but its confusing and really crazy to get through. The ride is entertaining and funny. The horse sounds like Scooby Doo. Overall a great ride. 7/10 Thats it for now peeps, hope you'll enjoy it. Unfortunately I wont be able to upload photos till i get home.. Hulk

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