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melbourne show review AWESOME!

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well i just got back from the show *sighs*but it was awesome!(especially being on ten news on the dominator screaimg becasue it was so rough(lol))my two fave rides were the space roller and no limits,i liked the space roller because it flipped sooo fast and i liked no limits because of my fear of being flung out of my seat!the dominator was rough as guts with me ending up with cuts and bruises*OUCHHH!!!!*we didnt get the chance to go on claw or the ghost train,but the mega mix ride was fun except for the restraints...they hurt right on my thighs!. we went on the crazy mouse spinng coaster but we didnt spin!!!!!!! :o

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My sisters and had an awesome day today. Went on the Hard Rock and i threw up twice hoever as my stomach was empty nothing came up. The 3rd time i threw up a little bit of vomit came up. I also have on ride footage of the crazy Coaster. More details will be added soon. Videos will appear on youtube sometime 2morrow. Just look for bigbrotherrocks06 EDIT : Here's the on ride footage.

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We went on the Hard Rock..it is so damn intense..more than last year!! I almost passed out on it and felt very sick and dizzy afterwards. They've done something to that ride.. The Ferris Wheel..honestly..the line system is good (and the $25 for a group of 4) but I prefer the Durkins Wheel. Went on the Crazy Coaster..shouldar hurt after all the spinning and banging we did. The fireworks and night entertainment was good although the wind was cold. We were right under the fireworks (when they went off) so nice view, the other side got smoked out hehe. I honestly dont like the new grounds..they LOOK good but the placemnet over everything is just so off. All the thrill rides are smack bang together at the train station and its just packed there..and than there is the Epsom rd end where you have rides like the Hang Over, Gravatron (or whatever it is called at the show), the kiddie bungee jumping..the showgrounds are huge and they should really use that to their advantage. It was nice finding places around the grouns not over croweded but the placement of some things was just awful. Oh yes and the palcement of ATMs need to be re-changed, should have just left it where they were last year..smack bang in the middle of the main footpath..it took us 20 mins to find a atm machine which was inside the Weekly Times building. Other than that I spent too much but am going back next Saturday :D

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