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  1. Haha you know I just saw they tell you the dates up the top of the page, oh boy Great about the tickets, at least if I can't make it on the Monday night at least my friend can take someone else with no issues, thanks.
  2. Is it running on the 30th? I just went to book some tickets and it's not listed but I could have sworn when I checked the other day it had the 30th listed. Also can you print the tickets off through email (like with ticketek and such) or do you have to pick them up/get them sent out?
  3. I know I posted it 41 mnutes after rosscoe but I had it sitting on the reply screen for over an hour as I was doing something else so got distracted from posting it and never refreshed the page so when I asked the question I didn't know the answer. You'd be suprised at how many kids know who Mick Doohan is.
  4. Sorry to go a bit OT but Gazza have you ridden the ride at all?
  5. lisalila

    The Wii

    Yes it lets you play downloaded games..like Super Mario Galaxy isnt out until the end of the month but if you have the chip you can download it and play it.
  6. lisalila

    The Wii

    Look like something alien's made haha. You paid $75 for it? my friend paid $50 and got free installation.
  7. It's 800m from Seaworld actually. It's not worth the money they charge for it though, without a car you are stranded in your room and the rooms are pretty small sized for 4 people. There's barely enough room to walk between the beds. Not worth the money.
  8. Lol he's a Victorian so he automatically has never ridden woodies before? lovely. You have no idea if he's ridden any woodies (which he has) so take a dose of your own medicine and get your facts right before you post.
  9. Of course the passes aren't free (what a stupid statement to make) but obviously if you get say a 7 day pass and you use it more then once during that 7 day period then the bus pass pays for itself...exactly like the way a annual pass pays for itself after a few visits to a park. I also don't waste time just going to DW for lunch, after lunch I spend the rest of the day at dw going on the rides.
  10. I can't taste the difference between mw and dws food..its all the same to me. Perhaps if MW included food discounts in their annual passes I might actually stop going to dw for lunch and have it at mw instead. They might be $2 cheaper then dw but I can save that $2+ at dw with my pass. They are often criticised because there's a lot of anti dreamworld people here, plain and simple.
  11. I've never paid more than $10 for food at DW (large combo). Of course the exception was when i went to the BBQ Buffet.
  12. It comes down to your preferences. MW sell those same "ick" drumsticks too (and both are as bad as each other imo). It's not about fat counting. You go say, 3 month without Mcdonald's and THEN have say a cheeseburger or a big mac...ICK! be about the same fat as those drumsticks I reckon. Subways rolls might be fresh but their ingredients aren't always fresh. The employees don't always follow FH&S guidelines (last time I had subway a worker wiped her forehead with her wrist and had a band-aid on (and it was normal coloured. in the hospitality industry you need to wear brightly coloured on
  13. I haven't had a problem with DWs food..I always thought they used the same supplier because I can't taste the difference. I would rather pay discount at DW then full price at MW.
  14. I'm not against the idea, I just would prefer someone like Subway then Mcdonalds. But Subway is only good if you dont get the sauces and drinks, otherwise you may as well go to maccas and have two big macs.
  15. Well I know if they installed maccas I wouldn't go near the stuff..I can't stand mcdonald's for all it's worth. It's horrible food and if you haven't eaten it in a whie then all you can taste is the fat fat fat fat of their fatty burgers. yuck. At least dreamworld's fish n chips taste better.
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