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Age Of The Empires 3

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Hi. If anyone on here has Age Of The Empires 3? And, what it's like? I have number 1 and 2. And I'm currently thinking about getting number 3. But, I'm not sure. Does anyone know how much it would be etc? Thanks. Also. I have played it. But, it was a demo. Is it a big game file? Will it lag if RCT3 currently does on my computer [RCT3 lags only a little big, every now and then]?

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Age of Empires 3 and The WarChiefs Expansion are both great games. The game play, similar to Age 1 and 2, is extremely fun and the graphics are some of the best available today! You can scale the graphics down to barebones which should allow it to run on most computers. If the demo runs fine on your computer then the full version will to.

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I brought Age of Empire 3 on Tuesday afternoon from Dick Smiths for $59.00 [Woolworths limited discount]. Just wondering, if anyone else in the community has the game? And, if so. Do you guys play online/verse others? It's a fantastic game. I love it. Love playing as British or French. Favorite map to play on would be; Carribean or New England. Brilliant game. Looking forward to buying the expansion pack next week. :)

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