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Buying a World Pass + the Take Two Pass

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k, so I'm heading up to the Gold Coast in 3 weeks, and my parents are still organising tickets to the themeparks. We are deciding to go to Movieworld, Dreamworld and Whitewaterworld. So in our case we are picking up a World Pass as well as the one day ticket to MW. So that's all worked out, but i also want to go back to DW for another day. I'm pretty sure they still have that offer, were if u pay $10 ontop of your entry fee to get your second day at DW, which is called the 'The take two pass'. However, we are getting a World Pass, so my question is: will they allow me to come back for a second day, after paying $10 ontop of a WORLD PASS. I know it will work with a general admission for dw, i've done it before, but not too sure about it with the WP.

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When are you using your second WP day, before or after the extra day that you want? I dont think it really matters, unless Guest Services wants to see your reciept, But in any case, im pretty sure they do it.

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Sorry, my last post was kinda hard to read ;) lol. But yer I was thinking of getting the extra day at Dreamworld AFTER the 2 days between dw and www. And I think the the last time that we did that pass, we had to show our tickets just after we went through the admission bulding, in this little office area (this is in dreamworld btw). Where we had to sign a little card, which became our ticket.

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