DC Rivals HyperCoaster tops out at Movie World

It's now officially Australia's tallest roller coaster* as the final piece of track was lifted into position earlier today.

Image: Theme Park Girl. The final section of track is installed on DC Rivals HyperCoaster.

A year after construction commenced on DC Rivals HyperCoaster, the final piece of track on the mammoth 1.4km roller coaster is now in place.

The final section of track is lifted into place.
Forum photo by Theme Park Girl
The largest roller coaster ever built in Australia is now a complete circuit.
Forum photo by Theme Park Girl

The completion of the ride's circuit caps off a year of construction on a project that has been in the works now for several years.

The DC Rivals timeline

November 2015: Village Roadshow co-CEO announces a world class ride. Movie World lodges documents with Gold Coast City Council for construction of a roller coaster.

August 2016: Survey pegs appear on vacant land at the front of Movie World.

September 2016: Crates from German roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides appeared on site.

October 2016 - March 2017: Foundations laid in the form of hundreds of concrete footings.

December 2016: Movie World hints at "the greatest attraction the Southern Hemisphere has ever seen"

April 2017: Bright pink, magenta, purple, fuchsia track arrives. Vertical construction commences with the first support columns and sections of track installed.

May 2017: Movie World drops more hints for the ride.

June 2017: The ride is formally announced as DC Rivals HyperCoaster.

July 2017: The ride's trains arrived on site and assembly commences behind-the-scenes.

4 August 2017: The final section of track is installed.

DC Rivals HyperCoaster will now undergo the lengthy process of comissioning the ride. In addition to thorough inspection of all of the ride's structure, electrical and mechanical components will be installed while crews work on landscaping, theming and the ride's queue and station building.

Testing will commence in the near future. The ride will undergo riderless cycles to iron out any bugs before tests with engineers, staff and finally members of the public.

The soon-to-be-iconic Joker's face is yet to be installed above the highest point of the track.

The ride is scheduled to officially open in October 2017. 

*Dreamworld's Tower of Terror II is taller even with its current reduced speed. It's also technically Australia's first hypercoaster based on Movie World's own definition of any roller coaster greater than 60m. Tower of Terror is a launched shuttle coaster while DC Rivals is a complete circuit coaster.

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