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  1. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    MW sometimes do stupid things too. If the Winterfest engulfs the whole park like Frightnight does Winterfest should be great but if it's a rink in a corner and you get a 3min go the event will blow.
  2. @JobeThe only thing I agreed on with @Slick's list was his number 1 and I don't care about the rest. Your No 1. was different but you ruled out Slick's No.1 without knowing what it was. You nominated a game changing ride for DW without knowing what you ruled out or if the ride you were replacing it with was a world-class thrill ride. I found that funny and why I did the-
  3. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Is it really a new found effort? I'm seeing the same old DW because everything I've seen so far DW has done before. Until Skeet sees something solid I will continue to be questioning DW's efforts. Promises and bottom shelf events. (besides Cosentino)😀
  4. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    First you need a cake to ice. Cosentino and abc kids month are the icing on the cake. But without a cake people watch Cosentino or the Wiggles and walk straight out the door afterwards.
  5. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    934 days since TRRR incident. Hardly overnight.
  6. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Instead of fill ins by Westfield entertainment corporation. DW have an amphitheatre and it's about time DW put it to work. Let's turn it around and what would people prefer at MW? (A) Police Acadamy Stunt Show (B) Ice Skating for 2 weeks.
  7. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    I don't believe anybody thinks DW doing something is a bad thing but I do think DW could do so much better.
  8. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    I'm glad DW are doing something but I still believe DW’s ideas are bottom shelf as I’ve seen Ice Skating in shopping centres before. DW’s entertainment is not what I would expect to see at a theme park but what I would expect to see at Westfield and it’s time for DW to come up with a permanent show. The Bushranger show was a great step forward but than some idiot took away the main prop (TRAIN).
  9. I've followed a crackhead in America for at least 4km and she walked backwards all the way. She never turned around once and I don't think she even knew she was walking backwards. No need to imagine with MW because it says "elevated walkway". This is what they are talking about.
  10. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    "Dreamworld launches its inaugural Winterfest celebration". It's not really inaugural if DW has done it before. I'm still waiting on Mr Osborne to bring something new to the table because as far as I can see, new CEO same old DW. "Australia’s BIGGEST theme park" Always makes me chuckle when I see this.
  11. HaHaHa I want a RMC Raptor? Is a Raptor good? You should know if you're saying it's the ride to change DW around. Paint it.
  12. Without a doubt an RMC Hybrid has been my pick since Rivals was born. It would be a mistake for DW to go a steel track because it will be compared with Rivals. DW also have the problem even without Rivals MW would still have a good line up of coasters where DW’s line up is below par. DW must give people a reason not to give a shit and overlook the rest of the park to ride that one unique ride. In the coaster world you couldn’t get more different from a Mack Hypercoaster to a RMC Hybrid and DW needs a point of difference to get people back and not this MW is the thrill park and DW is a family park garbage. (Sidenote: Considering the main Tower was built for the TOT could it “be a possibility” when the TOT becomes unserviceable the tower would have to be removed too resulting in the removal of the drop?).
  13. Skeeta

    The Off Topic Topic

    I've never paid more than $80.00 to see a show.
  14. It's been a while since any rumours or news relating to the Entertainment Precinct and this is what I’ve found out to date. On the 28 February 2017, the Council issued a decision notice agreeing to apply a superseded planning scheme to the carrying out of assessable development that is, exempt development (now ‘accepted) The decision made by the Council relates to a proposed Tourist Facility (Theme Park Associated Restaurant and Dining Precinct). WHERE VILLAGE IS AT: Village is now seeking to extend the approval until 9 February 2027 and the request for extension is based on the following grounds. 1. Turbulence in the local and national theme park sector has resulted in delay or reconsideration of future developments occurring within the Theme Park. The six year extension is considered necessary in order to provide the applicant with enough time to monitor the theme park market recovery and to progress the detailed design and construction of the development. 2. Village lodged a development application seeking approval for an overflow car parking facility on land located at 12 Michigan Drive. An appeal in the Planning and Environment Court was lodged against the deemed refusal of this development application. 3. Village worked with the Council to negotiate an appropriate outcome that allows for the delivery of the necessary overflow car park to support ongoing theme park operations. 4. The appeal was finalised and a development permit for the overflow car park facility granted March 2019. The uncertainty created by these protracted negotiations associated with the approval of the proposed overflow car parking facility has meant the Village has been unable to progress the theme park hotel and associated restaurant and dining precinct. Given the overflow car parking facility was recently approved, Village can recommence its internal business case and delivery considerations associated with the theme park hotel and associated restaurant and dining precinct. The work was placed on hold whilst the overflow car park matter was resolve, a substantial extension to the current period is required, to allow for the internal business case and funding to be progress, detailed design, construction and ultimately commencement of the use. WHAT'S IN THE ENTERTAINMENT PRECINCT: The development involves: A 9-storey theme park hotel with a total of 398 suites, with a total building height of 32 metres. The hotel includes the following guest services and facilities: Ground Level: Reception, lobby, administration office, business centre, bar, function centre, café, kitchen, kids club, amenities, gym and hotel back of house facilities; Level 1: Ramp access and elevated walkway providing guest connection to the adjoining restaurant and dining precinct building and theme park entrance; Levels 1 to 8: Common lounge area on each level for indoor guest recreation; and Extensive outdoor swimming facilities, outdoor guest recreation areas and feature landscaping plantings. A 3-storey restaurant and dining precinct building incorporating a ground level café and upper level restaurant/dining room. Guest access to the restaurant and dining precinct is provided via an elevated walkway above the proposed porte-cochere, which will provide a prominent architectural feature. As I noted already Village are conducting an internal business case so what I have listed could change and probably will but it does give you an idea of the size of the precinct.