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  1. @Redboost Or my favourite. (It's always a good time to eat chicken).
  2. When I rode the ride operations were the best I have ever seen at MW. Hopefully you caught them on a bad day. I'm surprised you have no love for row 10 @AlexB? A couple of remarks of the POV. Some photos from Novastream.
  3. Why do I feel MW screwed the public on the opening of Rivals?
  4. Movie World New Park Map

    Can you no longer order food by using your phone?
  5. Movie World New Park Map

    Does MW still have a phone app?
  6. Movie World New Park Map

    Fail! You zoom in and you can barely read it. You Zoom out and you can barely read it. What it the point of a map that you can barely read.
  7. 'Fix Ardent' website

    Latest update. The web site is no more. After further discussion with securityholders and between Ardent and Ariadne, both parties have agreed that the most important outcome is the ability of the Ardent Board to have absolute focus on executing its stated strategy and to deliver securityholder value. This is best achieved by the establishment of a collaborative and unified Board. Accordingly it has been agreed that the EGM will not proceed and that Dr. Weiss and Mr. Richmond have been invited to join the Board effective immediately. In line with Ardent’s previous commitment regarding the retirement of Australian non-executive directors, two directors will now step down no later than the 2017 AGM in November.
  8. @Reanimated35 I'm not going to MW today. I'm at work today. Will provide updates throughout the day.
  9. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - backwards seating

    Don't forget once you have secured the 10th row to sit on the right side of the train to get that last 5% out of the thrills from the first drop. Imagine how good a 12th row would have been.
  10. Which park should a want to be man visit???????????????? MOVIE WORLD DREAMWORLD
  11. Review Requests

    I'd like to see your review on RIVALS compared to other Hypers.
  12. @CamBrown That stuff was on the lift hill. Final light test before they lifted it up.