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  1. Seaworlds New Kids Area Announced

    Maybe his shoes are fixed to the roof.
  2. I believe Noel is still a director of a few bowling centres. Townsville Tenpin and Fun Centre Bundy Bowl & Leisure Centre The common way to succeed in the bowling world, if you go by these centres is Dodgem cars. Put in dodgem car in and they will come. Serious now, it shows that people want more than a Bowling Centre and Noel’s centres offer even more than what Main Event currently does. All this shows is Ardents tight ass way does not work.
  3. If bowling is in decline why would you continue with Main Event? Sounds like a whole lot of dumb to me.
  4. I don't think Ardent can get anything right. Small extract from an interview with Noel Ambler. It seems everything Ardent does turns to slop. Former Australian Bowling Association Noel Ambler said it was “disappointing” Ardent planned to close AMF centres. “I’d like to make the point that some of those centres weren’t underperforming until Ardent started managing them,” he said. I was stupidly dreaming that Dr Weiss could show real leadership but after watching the AGM he didn't cure any of my anxiety on where DW is heading.
  5. Seaworlds New Kids Area Announced

    Which makes one wonder @Gazza Am I more likely to buy a drink because it's a Boost drink or would I be more likely to buy if from an unique one of a kind super dooper drink shop. If Rct has taught me anything, DW only needs to add more salt to their chips.
  6. Incident at movieworld

    That's nuts @AlexB
  7. Incident at movieworld

    If that's your theory shouldn't we be talking about how Hurricane Harvey took out 5 Main Events.
  8. Incident at movieworld

    What has this got to do with MW or theme parks @Aw hype?
  9. I think I will wait and find out what DW are getting before I get excited.
  10. White Christmas 2017

    Since we are talking about Christmas, has anybody heard any rumours MW are doing anything these holiday season? Are we going to end up with the same tight-ass of nothing we got last year?
  11. White Christmas 2017

    I can't see why people think White Christmas is amazing. Out of all MW events this would be the weakest by a huge margin.
  12. WhiteWater World/Dreamworld Merger

    What seems clear to you @pushbutton?
  13. WhiteWater World/Dreamworld Merger

    I think it's time I got a new boat.
  14. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Wise man @AlexB do modern coasters require longer or shorter maintenance periods than coasters you rode in the old days?