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  1. Except for the case where DW management have clearly shown how how shit they are. MISSING conveyor slats, excessive corrosion, crumbling concrete. WHSQ report found the doomed Thunder River Rapids should never have been operating at the time of the tragedy.
  2. A US company which carried out safety audits at DW has been given ‘a final opportunity’ to co-operate with inquest into Thunder River Rapids ride tragedy. Warned it could face ‘adverse findings’ "Counsel assisting the inquest Ken Fleming QC told the hearing today repeated attempts to contact JAK, which carried out safety inspections of rides at Dreamworld before the 2016 Thunder River Rapids disaster, had been unsuccessful. Mr Fleming said there had been attempts to contact JAK by registered mail and even LinkedIn to no avail. He said the Coroner’s Office would write to JAK “one last time ... giving them a final opportunity to respond to us so that the rules of natural justice can be fully applied”. Mr Fleming said JAK could face adverse findings over the way in which ride inspections were conducted ‘or the things that may have been missed". @Jdude95I hope Brad pays well.
  3. Skeeta

    Animated TV series about Aussie Theme park

    HaHaHaHa somebody is being a stick in the mud. It needs a cartoon character who’s catch line is “that is not a monorail” every time they get of a ride.😊
  4. You don't have that authority.
  5. If this was the case, why wouldn't he had clarified his position yesterday. The Coroner James McDougall even stopped the the questioning and said " I am puzzled to know why you didn’t know these things seeing you are general manager of engineering,” Mr Deaves said, “You don’t get out to drive them and operate them quite often, you rely on feedback for that". “If you were to ask me these questions on any device I would be giving a similar answer.” I understand Mr Deaves was only an administrator but, but, but & but how can an administrator make the correct calls if he doesn’t know what is required? How does Mr Deaves know the the feedback his getting is correct or google gaga?
  6. And now DW have a CEO who has never worked in a theme park. Ardent are incapable of learning from past failures.
  7. That has not gone unnoticed but skeet is only willing to vent so much in one day.
  8. Reads, we're broke, and we are hoping you don't notice we went with the cheap and nasty options. Village are like a monkey who won’t let go of the banana to get it’s hand out. Over an over and over I say, thousands and thousands of people on the coast at Christmas willing and wanting to spend money and MW shuts the gate at six.
  9. At the time of the incident only 2 engineers worked at DW, "I believe". Junior Dreamworld engineer Gen Cruz and DW was his first job out of university. Supervisor Peter Gardner, who was qualified in Britain and he had not received Australian qualifications. EDIT: Dreamworld's head of engineering will retake the stand at an inquest after admitting a series of equipment failures in the lead up to the tragic accident should have been investigated.
  10. Another day of the inquest, another day of WTF. DW top engineer says "he did not know it took multiple buttons on main control panel to stop Thunder River Rapids ride before the 2016 tragedy".
  11. Skeeta

    Aussie world new rides update

    Going up. (Aussie World photo)
  12. Interesting Vekoma is selling Brogent's I-Ride. Part of the Vekoma Rides’ success is having integrated strong partnerships in both our sales and purchasing process. In Brogent Technologies we have found a strong partner for media based attractions, enabling us to expand our product portfolio with well sought-after attractions, such as the very popular Panoramic Flying Theatre i-Ride, the v-Ride 306, m-Ride, d-Ride and many other innovative attractions. Based on Brogent’s years of experience both in the Entertainment industry and motion simulation technology, I-ride has become the leading Flying Theatre with a respectful number of projects world-wide. I-ride is a great addition to any venue and suitable for Theme and Amusement Parks, Shopping Centers, Zoos, Museums as well as Stand-alone attractions. The Theme and Amusement Park industry is continuously looking for creative solutions, safe and innovative high quality coasters and attractions that bring a high marketing value to their parks. The partnership between Vekoma and Brogent has already proven to be a great added value to both our companies.
  13. Isn't Joyland's Space Jam 40m high. And SW Starflyer 33 high.
  14. Skeeta

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Must not have been that bleak being the fact somebody still hired the area without being able to ride Scooby.
  15. That's not what I'm reading @AlexB " Inquest slams delays in Dreamworld owner providing documents to the inquest. Says they should have been provided almost 2 years ago and fears it could delay inquest".