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  1. @AlexBI'm on a health kick so no drinking for a while. Changing your name is a perk you get when you pay for “ParkZ Crew”
  2. I'm about to go away for work and won't be able to do an update for a while. I know @djrappa will be the most upset with this news so I dedicate this mini update to him. Loads of work happening on site today, all getting ready to go upwards. The gutter that was cut last week has now been removed. Roadbase being placed down so the cranes can drive around the coaster area. (I think that would be the reason) A new larger crane has now arrived and sits inside the coaster area ready to go to work.
  3. @mission When I have mentioned a delay. @djrappa has said everything is ok. So it's ok.
  4. If your name is Meg, this is your answer. Hi Meg, thanks for your enquiry. At this stage we don't have any updates on the new coaster, look out for the announcement on our Facebook page and website soon! - Alaisdair from Warner Bros. Movie World
  5. Will this do? And it's been done before.
  6. Has anybody else seen Audi is running a commercial with the same song on TV? My first thought was there must have been a special on the rights to the song.
  7. total disagree with everything you say here. I an enthusiast and I am not lacking. Announced Feb last year. @djrappa I have not seen all 207 containers in the country. @djrappa What colour is it?
  8. Somebody needs to wake up the MW marketing team. They have fallen asleep on the job.
  9. After all the people made their submissions regarding the application for a car park MW replied to them. This has just become public. If you want to read the whole document, you can go to PDonline. It’s the last document. I have copy & pasted the key point that the report made. The thing that keeps going through my head is did MW do enough to inform the local residence. I say this because if I go on Facebook where the residents are talking about the car park nobody seems to know that it was an overflow car park. In the end G.C.C.C. received 143 properly made submissions. A review of the properly made submissions has been undertaken to ascertain key matters raised. This revealed that the following three key themes common across the submissions Traffic and transport; Town planning; and Other matters (i.e. nuisance from lighting, noise and other site specific issues). This is MW responses- It is important to distinguish that the car park is only intended to provide overflow parking for guests and staff. The operational need for the overflow car parking is likely only to be triggered on peak theme park visitation days, which generally occur during school holiday periods, public holidays and weekends. Importantly, peak carpark operation is unlikely to occur during the background traffic AM peak period. The intent to onlyoperate the car park on peak theme park visitation days, in part, addresses many of the matters raised by submitter. The site does not have exhibit the character values ordinarily associated a low density residential area because of the dominance of physical infrastructure on and adjoining the site, including high voltage power lines, water pipelines, an electricity substation and the Pacific Motorway. Accordingly, the site is considered unsuitable for a residential development outcome. The proposed development will provide a positive contribution to the orderly development of the locality. The noise mitigation and landscaping treatments will provide an effective buffer between the dominant physical infrastructure and nearby sensitive residential uses. As noted within the Applicant’s Information Request Response, several options to provide convenient and safe pedestrian access for theme park guests and staff have been considered. The most direct link would be to provide a dedicated pedestrian footpath across Saltwater Creek to the theme park entrance. We confirm that the Applicant would be prepared to submit to a reasonable and relevant condition of approval requiring that safe and efficient pedestrian access be provided between the car park and the theme park entrance, prior to the commencement of the use. The development incorporates the recommendations of the submitted Noise Assessment, by proposing a 1.8-metre-high acoustic fence, where adjoining sensitive uses. The strategic retention of existing vegetation within the development and the proposed landscaping ensures the proposed development will protect and enhance visual amenity outcomes. A minimum five (5) metre vegetated buffer is proposed where the parking station adjoins sensitive land uses to provide ascreened buffer to the development. The proposed landscaping will allow the development to act as a buffer between adjoining sensitive uses and dominant physical infrastructure in the immediate surrounding locality. This will reduce the visual dominance of the physical infrastructure, thereby improving the visual amenity and character of thelocality. The proposed parking station will be managed by Village Roadshow Theme Parks as part of their broader theme park operations at Oxenford. The site will be monitored by security staff who can take appropriate action should any anti-social behaviour be observed. Access to the proposed parking station will be restricted so that vehicles are unable to enter outside of the permitted operating hours. As detailed in the Car Park Management Plan and Operational Guideline (refer to Appendix B), temporary lighting will be installed with the car park used for night time operations. Temporary lighting is considered appropriate given the limited night time operations proposed. The Car Park Management Plan and Operational Guideline (refer to Appendix requires all temporary lighting to be positioned and shielded to prevent light spillage outside the boundaries of the premises to comply with AS4282-1997 – Control of Obtrusive Effects of Outdoor Light in. The perceived concerns that the proposed development will result in a reduction in surrounding property values is not a consideration relevant to the assessment of the proposed development against the regulatory planning framework. The proposed development has sought to ensure that the damage to existing onsite vegetation has been minimised to the greatest extent possible. The submitted Basic Ecological Site Assessment Report prepared by New Ground Environmental concluded that the proposed development will nothave a significant impact on the ability of the site to act as a corridor, given the existing disturbance and the physical barriers to fauna connectivity in the immediate surrounding locality. The presence of physical infrastructure on the site itself and within the immediate surrounding locality (including electricity power lines, a substation, local roadsand the Pacific Motorway) already creates significant air pollution in the local area.
  10. @djrappa I never know how to please you. Yesterday when you said, you were coming over last night to cut my grass, made me think you liked mowing. I think you had the setting set too high because when I checked today I saw no difference in my yard.
  11. I almost fired up the Iphone to capture the cutting of the grass @themagician
  12. Now the electricians have finished the rough in for the coaster the site has gone into clean-up mode.
  13. Land sculpting is the order of the day. Wasn’t going to do a drive-by on the way to work today but the traffic was so bad I had time to have a look and grab a coffee. Both empty containers have now been removed from site with no new deliveries. After the electricians made a bit of a mess of the site we have a fair bit of earthworks going on today. The soil is being steamrolled and levelled around the footings. We also have a few guys cutting the grass again.