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  1. @Locke The Mayor also wanted a cruise ship terminal on Wavebreak island. This is the same Mayor that wanted to turn a MDF movie set into a dive site. I think I will wait to see the application before I say anything more.
  2. LOL, they have never met the G.C.C.C. planning department. You can’t say it’s on track if nobody has looked at the application yet. That parcel of land is zoned Limited Development. “The purpose of the Limited development (constrained land) zone code is to identify land known to be significantly affected by one or more development constraints (such as flooding). Such constraints limit the ability to fully develop the land”. They have a battle to get a Theme Park built in that location. Not only is the land poor but just wait until all the residents get a chance to voice their opinions on the application.
  3. It's hard to be disappointed with any event that was free. This is the type of event that hopefully MW will put for the Christmas school holidays. If I was to say one thing I didn’t like about the parade it would be if you’re not watching the parade in the first half of the street you won’t see the whole parade. It is puzzling that not all the guest will see the whole parade because the dancing is the best part. The idea of a parade is you line the streets and the whole parade passes you by. I would like to give the first Skeet High Achievement Award to the person who played "The Riddler" on Sunday.
  4. The 14-year-old was heard screaming as she dangled from a chair lift at the Six Flags Amusement Park in New York on Saturday night.
  5. @jack.c What is the Flying Aces like to ride?
  6. Is he giving her a flower? My bad it's a strange microphone.
  7. Chinese whispers is why people think MW have reduced hours to DW. Attached is approved hours for DW & MW from the city plan.
  8. DW do love them inbred Lions & Tigers.
  9. I stole the photos from TPSN
  10. Come on people let's be honest here, the ride was poo. For the people that haven’t ridden it before I will tell you for free, the ride was poo. I’m willing to put it out there if DW ever reopen the ride everybody in Parkz will say the ride is poo. Poo, poo & more poo. DW save your money because nobody likes riding poo.
  11. The MW car park finally faced a council meeting yesterday. The local member for that area has provided an update for the residences of the Oxenford area. Update - Kopps Road, Oxenford At yesterdays Council meeting, the City of Gold Coast formally made the decision to refuse the application for a substantial car park for the 3.4 hectare site on Kopps Road owned by "Movieworld". The grounds for refusal were presented by the City Planners, who had carefully assessed the material provided by the applicant (as well as the submitters) and multiple grounds for refusal were identified. These grounds were incorporated, by the City Planning Committee, into the recommendation for refusal. The matter is currently on appeal in the Land & Environment Court and there is a phalanx of expensive lawyers involved. Accordingly, the body of the officers report included in the City Planning Committees agenda papers needs to remain confidential (and I also need to be careful in making public comments). Finally, please be aware that through the legal process the Applicant has rights. This includes the ability to seek to mitigate the identified town planning issues, that were grounds for refusal, by working up 'acceptable solutions'. Solutions that an Officer of the Court may determine could be made into conditions of approval that are both 'relevant and reasonable'.
  12. Kool-Aid will do that to you. Yesterday the G.C.C.C. met and voted on the hotel adjacent to DW. The application was for changes to the Coomera Master Plan. The council voted in favour of the changes to the Town Plan and now the hotel can move onto the next stage in getting this thing off the ground.
  13. The media twisting and elaborating is a given but the parks do like to feed them. “We are considering opportunities external but complementary to the park that could include retail, hospitality, accommodation and entertainment precincts, similar to Universal Studios and Disneyland in the US”. Deborah Thomas was quoted as saying “similar to” which are stronger words then saying aspiration\inspiration but I’m not here to pick words apart and agree with what you are saying.
  14. I'm sorry but this sun going down early in winter is killing my photos. This was @ 5:30pm last night. Poor IPhone, I asked a lot from it here. N-I_Loop construction continues. Update to my update. (Lucky for everybody, I had a site meeting at Pac Pines today)