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  1. Not Raptors. No plans for anybody to build a T-rex which would come very close to, if not knocking off a RMC Hybrid from my number 1 spot. @DJKostyaThe only problem I have with T-rex is it's a prototype which would only add more bad publicity for DW if it had major delays.
  2. Great coaster to ride @DJKostyabut visually it doesn't compete with Rivals. When you drive past Rivals on the M1 and it calls you to ride it and that's why I have gone with a RMC Hybrid over a Raptor. The world has gone silent (as far as I've seen) on a T-Rex model so I don't know if RMC are even interested in building that model.
  3. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    To get into DW. Unless you know a good spot to jump the fence.
  4. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    So if I want to go Ice Skating I can pay $85.00 to get into DW and pay an upcharge to go for a skate or I can pay $14.00 to skate at Planet Chill. Oh boy which one will I do.
  5. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    MW sometimes do stupid things too. If the Winterfest engulfs the whole park like Frightnight does Winterfest should be great but if it's a rink in a corner and you get a 3min go the event will blow.
  6. @JobeThe only thing I agreed on with @Slick's list was his number 1 and I don't care about the rest. Your No 1. was different but you ruled out Slick's No.1 without knowing what it was. You nominated a game changing ride for DW without knowing what you ruled out or if the ride you were replacing it with was a world-class thrill ride. I found that funny and why I did the-
  7. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Is it really a new found effort? I'm seeing the same old DW because everything I've seen so far DW has done before. Until Skeet sees something solid I will continue to be questioning DW's efforts. Promises and bottom shelf events. (besides Cosentino)😀
  8. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    First you need a cake to ice. Cosentino and abc kids month are the icing on the cake. But without a cake people watch Cosentino or the Wiggles and walk straight out the door afterwards.
  9. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    934 days since TRRR incident. Hardly overnight.
  10. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Instead of fill ins by Westfield entertainment corporation. DW have an amphitheatre and it's about time DW put it to work. Let's turn it around and what would people prefer at MW? (A) Police Acadamy Stunt Show (B) Ice Skating for 2 weeks.
  11. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    I don't believe anybody thinks DW doing something is a bad thing but I do think DW could do so much better.
  12. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    I'm glad DW are doing something but I still believe DW’s ideas are bottom shelf as I’ve seen Ice Skating in shopping centres before. DW’s entertainment is not what I would expect to see at a theme park but what I would expect to see at Westfield and it’s time for DW to come up with a permanent show. The Bushranger show was a great step forward but than some idiot took away the main prop (TRAIN).
  13. I've followed a crackhead in America for at least 4km and she walked backwards all the way. She never turned around once and I don't think she even knew she was walking backwards. No need to imagine with MW because it says "elevated walkway". This is what they are talking about.
  14. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    "Dreamworld launches its inaugural Winterfest celebration". It's not really inaugural if DW has done it before. I'm still waiting on Mr Osborne to bring something new to the table because as far as I can see, new CEO same old DW. "Australia’s BIGGEST theme park" Always makes me chuckle when I see this.
  15. HaHaHa I want a RMC Raptor? Is a Raptor good? You should know if you're saying it's the ride to change DW around. Paint it.