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  1. I suspect that's the reason for the rakes out the front.
  2. How much would one MW logo be worth on the black market?
  3. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    @mission said it was at daytime.
  4. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    @Gazza That was a slide, not a Ski Slope.
  5. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    @Locke The Ski Slope will end up being 6m high. How does that work?
  6. Movie World Parade Time Move

    I think the Ekka finishes this week. Is this a ploy to test and see if they can keep guest in the park longer?
  7. @Brad2912 You will be happy to know I have found them. The shown MW toppers below are now located on most of the piers as you drive into MW.
  8. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    The current building height limit on the site is "does not exceed 2 storeys and a maximum of 9m" Songcheng is asking for 88m. If Songcheng don't drop 79m and council don't budge, Oh @AlexB you could be right.
  9. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    Quick update. G.C.C.C. Planning department have sent the information request to Songcheng (Australia) Entertainment Pty Ltd. The information request is 20 pages long. If any crazy fools like me want to read the whole document go to G.C.C.C pdonline to locate it. LOT 4 SP180847. To sum it up the council are seeking information on building heights, emergency evacuation plans, traffic management, floods, setbacks, erosion of the Nerang river and operating times to name a few. If they are planning for the residential side of the project to cover the cost, Songcheng will need to do a re-think with council saying they are not currently willing to raise the height limit. INFORMATION REQUEST Planning Building Height 1 Having reviewed the relevant provisions of the City Plan, in context with the surrounding existing and approved development, officers are concerned that the proposed building heights would conflict with the existing and intended character of the area. Officers acknowledge that there are somewhat comparable building heights within the Royal Pines and Emerald Lakes developments, however, these built form outcomes are established in a manner, and on sites, which have facilitated significant screening, setbacks and sleeving to reduce their visual prominence. Consequently, officers consider that the nature and location of these developments prevent them from being the prevailing or pre-dominant character of the area. It is noted that the applicant proposes not to limit the height of structures which are directly related to theme park rides, which is a benefit afforded to established Tourist Attractions which exist within a different context to the subject site and are located on much larger sites. Therefore, the applicant is requested to undertake the following: a. Reduce the proposed building heights across the site, except where a height designation of three (3) storeys is afforded; b. Provide a visual impact analysis depicting how the new, reduced proposed heights provide an appropriate outcome for the area; and c. Delete all reference to this exclusion within the Australian Legend World Songcheng (Australia) Entertainment Pty Ltd. Have 6 months to reply to the information request.
  10. Ekka 2017

    When is @mission a deadpan?
  11. Ekka 2017

    @www worker 2.0 at night.
  12. Mounting points on camelback. Trimming isn't always added because it is required. Trimming connection points are sometimes added to give the park the option to add trim brakes therefore reducing maintenance cost.
  13. @GC Theme Parks Quick sign me up to your Facebook page. (sarcasm tag here) You’re at a minimum, 7 MONTHS BEHIND!
  14. Yay, it's the second tallest coaster in Australia.