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  1. Skeeta

    Fright Nights 2019

    2 times for me.
  2. Skeeta

    The Off Topic Topic

    Don't feel so privileged @Jdude95 @AlexB. @pushbutton has been showing me the love too. I think he has a secret crush on me.
  3. Skeeta

    Rides that need a refurbishment / refresh

    The life of a ride @ DW. 1. Build. 2. Mandated maintenance. 3. Bulldoze
  4. Skeeta

    WWW - New slide tower

    DW ran out of money?
  5. Skeeta

    Rides that need a refurbishment / refresh

    He didn't ask for what needed a renovation, he asked what needs a refurbishment. All of WA needs a refurbishment.
  6. Skeeta

    Rides that need a refurbishment / refresh

    This is easy. Every ride at DW needs a refurbishment.
  7. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Update - 3rd of August

    Here is your medal @RobMac. Now go away and polish it.
  8. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Update - 3rd of August

    McDonald's, at a guess.
  9. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Update - 3rd of August

    Note: This is Parkz, not DW.
  10. Skeeta

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Give me a good themed queue over a cramped box with 30 strangers any-day.
  11. Skeeta

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    True but not true but true again. A pre-show has ongoing cost if it requires staff to participate in it. People sitting in a room watching a 10 mins of Bold and the Beautiful doesn’t have ongoing cost. Pre-shows aren't required to be at Disney standard to be a pre-show.
  12. Skeeta

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Fully sick & Bro originates from NZ slang but being Coomera is the third Island of NZ, it fits.😀
  13. Skeeta

    A much-needed position at all theme parks

    Wrong. A lot of enthusiasts work in the industry. @Jdude95, meet @StingRay.
  14. Skeeta

    Fright Nights 2019

    If the movie’s good you shouldn't realise how long, it is. I’m seeing it next week but some of the reviews I’m reading have me a bit worried. The most worrying review I’ve seen. “It’s Beetlejuice meets IT”. I liked Beetlejuice when it come out, but I was like 8. Fingers crossed the reviewers have got it wrong.
  15. Skeeta

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    What has this got to do with kids rides @pushbutton?