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  1. Imagine this, it’s school holidays and you go to DW to find out that half of the Big 9 thrill rides aren’t operating. Crap Skeet what are you thinking. No need to imagine this because this was the reality of the past school holidays. Claw: DOWN. Buzzsaw: DOWN. Pandamonium: DOWN. Tower of Terror: DOWN. And don’t forget poor little Timmy who wanted to ride the Shrek’s Ogre-Go-Round because it was DOWN too. I’ve done it again I forgot about the water park. Supertubes Hydrocoaster: DOWN. The Little Rippers: DOWN. I would love a RMC as much as the next person but 1 ride isn’t going to save DW.
  2. I don't want 2 MW's theme parks on the Gold Coast. It must be pulling someone if it's been running for years now. That ship sailed when WWW was canned as a park. WWW is nothing more than Blue Lagoon on steroids now. It's obvious it’s currently not Gold Rush. DW don’t have a plan so what do you want DW to say? Do not do this. Do not spend all of DW's money on a one trick pony while the rest of the park sucks. LOL, who's in the "I'm to cool crowd"
  3. I came across the DW committee a couple of weeks ago and everything you are saying is what I thought as I read about each committee member. The committee is a crock of shit.
  4. Skeeta

    West Coast of USA

    I've never found a good travel agent and find I get better deals doing the work myself.
  5. I'm trying to picture this Super 8 near main gate. I can't recall where it is. I know there is a Super 8 which is north of DL which is a bit of a pain in the ass to get to DL. There's was a Super 8 next to Gardenwalk which has changed to King Inn. On Disney Way there’s a motel call Super 6 Main Gate. I’ve stayed at King Inn before and after it was a super 8 and it did the job of supplying a bed. LA isn't as bad as it looks. Lane guidance on a GPS takes the stress out of driving.
  6. A fire sale doesn't give me optimism for the immediate future and the shit has hit the fan if the CEO’s are taking pay cuts. I understand companies drop companies that are underperforming but what do you do when every company you own is leaking? If they can’t plug all the holes the ships going to sink. VRL have placed band aids over the holes but they haven’t fixed the problems.
  7. Google you lied to me. Even so VRL's all time high of 7.424 to the current 1.75 it not a good thing. If VRL don't change the trend of the last 4 years. VRL won't be here in another 4 years. Chart proudly supplied by skeet economics 101. It's obvious I know nothing about economics and I don't pretend to but if I was currently buying shares I wouldn’t be buying them in VRL.
  8. VR are currently running their own Coles down, down campaign. When you compare the share prices between Ardent and Village over the last 2 years you would swear the accident happened at MW. 21 October 2016 $14.95 13 July 2018 $1.75 26 October 2016 $2.76 13 July 2018 $2.06
  9. Skeeta

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    Don't worry friend. I'll toss you a rope later. Trust me.😀 Note to all the sourpusses. 😀 indicates I am having some fun with tongue and chick with my replies.
  10. Skeeta

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    I forgot to mention thank you for agreeing the monorail is transport. Put your hand up if you have caught the monorail to get into SW from the SW Resort.
  11. Skeeta

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    You're easily pleased if you think looking at pool that you can’t see what going on is an attraction. SW should remove everything and save a crap load of money and we can all walk around looking at water. No thanks, I can look at water without going on the monorail. 😀 60% of the time you can't see what's in the shed. Hot tip, If looking at sheds is your thing you don't have to travel all the way to the GC to see one. 😀 ? You can't see anything.😀 Sneak peak, lol don't make me pull out my marbles joke again. It's fenced off and you think an attraction is peaking through fence palings. 😀 I can see it fine without going on the train. 😀 Never noticed it so it must be crap.😀 A bird is a bird. Another hot tip. A bird doesn't look any different from a train. And besides, Einstein's experiment with relative theory applies to watching a bird on the train, NOT watching the bird from the train. 😀 Not an attraction. 😀 Like the train I have to wait for half an hour, on a Saturday, if I wanted to go into Brisbane.😀 Note to all the sourpusses. 😀 indicates I am having some fun with tongue and chick with my replies.
  12. DL hotels are expensive but probably comparable to the cheaper ones at DW if you consider the airfare to get to the othersider of America. I’ve never stayed in the DL hotels because I can’t justify the cost when I all I want is a bed. The hotel I stay at DL is a 10min walk from the front gates. It gives me time to eat my breakfast on the way. @Meep Meep you don't always need a hire car when traveling to DL or DW. Half the hotels are closer to DL than the Disney car parks are. If I was to describe the difference between the 2 locations it would be Disneyland is built within a suburb where DW is the suburb if that makes sense. Purple DL hotels Red DL Car Parks Green non-DL hotels
  13. LA has 3 Disney Hotels. As you are walking from Grizzly Peak to Paradise Pier you are walking right next to Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.
  14. Skeeta

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    It was once an attraction but over time DW has removed all attractions elements. Like the Bush rangers which once held the train up to the waterfall.