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  1. @reanimated35 Confucius say, man who get kicked in testicles, left holding the bag. @Richard Are you going to have the new shirts sorted by next month?
  2. My Parkz shirt was stolen.
  3. @Santa07 I pretty much thought the same thing but I went with RMC. Where to now?
  4. @AlexBI think they are close together because they will support the screen behind the water tank. I think they are going to place the tilt-up slab against the post to screen TopGolf from the water tank. I also think a net will connect to it later. Skeet is walking on the path from the front car park to TopGolf This is being built now so Village Studios can continue to film movies with the water tank while TopGolf is constructed.
  5. I had a total mind spew on what the comms conduit would be for. Having cameras makes perfect sense.
  6. @bladex Pace yourself, don't get excited we could have 5 weeks of this.
  7. @joz I'm laughing on the outside.
  8. LOL I'm not that smart to think of asking @Theme Park Girl
  9. Thank you @themagician Your photos show a lot more going on than just powering the fence. The white conduit in the trench is a communication conduit and never used for power. The small orange conduit laying on top of the two large conduits in the trench is the conduit for the fence. One of the large orange conduits might be for the fence too but not both.
  10. Cheers big ears.
  11. Never. Even if that does happen they wouldn't do that for 5 days straight.
  12. @Richard How do we find out when our crew membership expires? What will we be required to do if we want to continue our crew membership?
  13. @Theme Park GirlAre you saying DW now test its rides on human passengers?
  14. Sorry the Queen was too busy getting her photo taken to ride.
  15. I can make another one if you like?