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  1. Hey Pixel! I know you were a bit disappointed when you didn't build up enough courage to go on SE the last time you were there - so I'm glad you got to go on it this time and enjoyed it. This is a message for everyone. It might LOOK scary, but once you go on it, you'll find that it's heaps of fun!
  2. They've done a bit more now. Landscaping is done with a few little trees planted around the place. Construction equipment is still there so I guess they haven't finished yet. Oh - and the sound effect has been altered so that it doesn't play when the car is coming in to load.
  3. Just a note on this one. The back restraint only comes as far as where your back is positioned. After you push the front of the bike down, sit slightly upright from the ride position and remain there until the back restraint stops. Don't let it push you forward. The back restraint is really only there to catch you if let go. As long as it's not too far back, you'll be fine. (If you stop it too far back, the ride op will reset it.)
  4. Today they were asking people over 5'11" to take their shoes off for a more comfortable ride.
  5. I dare say that a large number of members here weren't even born when the Police Academy movies were released. Sure the stunt show might be interesting, but without being based on a current movie - or at least one that everyone is familiar with - it loses impact.
  6. Waited less than 30 minutes yesterday. They had 2 cars running. I waited longer for the ToT.
  7. I road Motocoaster for the first time today. I don't know what everyone's whinging about. It's fun! Sure it's not as hardcore as Cyclone, as scary as the giant drop or as fast as ToT, but it's fun to ride and something out of the ordinary. It's a winner as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I think you will find that the information given was that if they visit Dreamworld to COLLECT their annual pass after they turn 14 (even if they purchased the ticket online before they were 14), then they'd have to pay the difference. Once you have the card (i.e. collect it from Dreamworld), there is nothing in the terms and conditions that indicate that you have to "upgrade" your pass if you turn 14 within the year (or 2 years for Platinum).
  9. Again - some brilliant information from Superman7444! I noticed you missed the question about the amount of time it takes for the second car to be added (when it hasn't been completely removed). Or is this too close to a MW policy discussion? (I understand you wouldn't be able to comment on policy or management decisions.)
  10. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That's the closest I could get!)
  11. Gotta say, Superman7444's posts are giving brilliant insight into ride setup and maintenance - far above and beyond the speculation that I've seen in these forums. Keep up the good work Superman7444.
  12. Lethal Weapon has been closed for the last few weeks for "annual maintenance". Maybe they're doing something to the seats? (We can only hope!) Re-opens this weekend.
  13. As per the Annual Pass E-News, "Warner Bros. Movie World will see a new completely re-branded kid’s area including new carousel, rides and retail store." This suggests (to me) a complete re-theme.
  14. Looks like we'll be saying a final goodbye to Loony Tunes at Movieworld. Although these cartoons are still quite popular amongst some of us... erm... "older" adults, it's probably not something today's kids are familiar with. I wonder... will they re-theme the river ride? (Will they tear it down?) Will they re-theme the Road Runner roller-coaster? (Probably not hard to do.) While we're speculating, I think it's a timely reminder that we ARE just a bunch of enthusiasts just speculating. We don't REALLY know what's going to happen. Paying for dodgem cars when Dreamworld has them as part of the admission charge? Unlikely. Just because someone says, "they will definitely be charging" on an Internet forum doesn't make it true. My prediction is that if they have dodgem cars, they won't be an additional charge. (But I could be wrong.) Time will tell.
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