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  1. I got on the same time! Waited all day for it to open, not being sure if it would open at all... it finally opens... we move up the queue... get on the car.... then you could hear everything just stop.... and I immediately said, "No no no no no!" Bugga!
  2. Just noticed this on http://movieworld.myfun.com.au/Attractions-Maintenance.htm: Looney Toons River Ride will be closed from 25th October until further notice. The lack of an end date suggests it's not scheduled maintenance. I wonder how long it'll be closed - or whether it'll go the way of the Mine Ride at Dreamworld?
  3. I got mine in July and it was the proper card. I went with a friend who got one a couple of weeks ago - and it was on the shitty B&W laminated print-out thing. I'm guessing this is a cost-saving measure.
  4. When we were evacuated, we were in the lift at the top. Although house lights were on, there was very little light in the lift itself, so the flashlight came in handy.
  5. Who cares! He got the message across. It's a lot easier to read than those messages that formed as though they're sending a text message! Don't forget to capitalise your I's. Don't forget to capitalise the first letter in every sentence. See how pedantic people could be if they really wanted to? Let's stick to the subject rather than acting like school teachers.
  6. There is no longer a drink pictured with the meal. That had me suspicious. When I asked for 2 bat meals, the lady asked if we wanted drinks, to which I responded, "Yes". I asked her, "Don't the meals include drinks any more?" - to which she shook her head. It cost us $32 for 2 meals with drinks. (One was a large drink).
  7. There has been some discussion on annual pass holders and what they spend during the day. Over the last year, I have seen the prices of my favourite meal "The Bat" go from $9.95 to $10.95 and then $11.95. Last Saturday was the first time I've been in a while and the price was still $11.95 - but it no longer includes a drink, which is $3.95 (I think) for a regular. In effect, the price has gone from $9.95 to $15.90 in about a year. That's a 60% increase. Needless to say, we will now be ducking out to McDonalds across the highway at lunch time!
  8. I had a look yesterday as well and could see no wires - unless they're hidden in the harness. Of course Klassen has already mentioned that they don't have sensors, so it is a pointless discussion now anyway.
  9. Went again yesterday. Light on Scooby before the lift has been adjusted to shine on his face. (Hoorah!) The sound on the last Scooby was working - BUT - the light on him wasn't! D'oh! There was some fog - which was great to see. Just enough to see the lasers through the room and not just on the walls.
  10. I went again last weekend and there was no smoke. Hopefully it was just that day. I agree with Ads - light on Scooby needs to be moved. It's been like that since before the maintenance.
  11. I've said for a while that Dreamworld is actually better value-for-money. There's more to do there to fill in your day - even if you don't go to any of their shows. Depending on crowd levels and who I go with, my day at Movie World often winds down around 2 - 3pm. With regards to gates opening before opening time, this is a great idea. It takes ages to pay and get through the main gates. If they started letting people in the park at 10am, you'd be waiting for ages. By letting people in before 10am, rides can commence right on 10am when they drop the ropes. Here are the park hours: http://movieworld.myfun.com.au/Park-Info/Park-Hours.htm
  12. Ten was the only network dumb enough to keep running it. They finally came to their senses. I doubt it will be picked up by another network.
  13. Sometimes Batman is "late" arriving in the cave. He pops up after he starts talking! They often have the most boring operators at the start - hardly a good introduction to the ride. (Some are good though.) I think this is a ride where the novelty wears out fairly quickly. Add to this the fact that today's technology could come up with something heaps better, the ride soon loses its attraction. Perhaps it's time to look for something new or to revamp the ride with new technology.
  14. It's actually going to be hired out for things like "corporate events, social gatherings and parties." Source: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0...40-3102,00.html I can't see it being a permanent attraction though. BB will be forgotten in a year or 2.
  15. Actually, fire doors are there to stop the fire spreading and to limit the amount of oxygen the fire has to burn. The last thing you want to do is open windows or leave doors open as this would introduce more oxygen to fuel the fire. Vents sometimes exist in fire-proof stairwells to allow people to escape without being overcome with smoke. As it's a fire-proof stairwell, there is no fire to be fuelled. (Smoke can get into stairwells as people evacuate.)
  16. So true - especially considering there are some completely free PDF programs around.
  17. Anyone interested in working at Movie World (or Sea World) - here's your chance. Become an Attraction Presenter. It's advertised as "part time" but indicates 5 full days per week on a seven-day rotating roster. There is also the possibility of being offered a 12-month traineeship. http://myfun.com.au/upload/Document/attrac...senter%20_2.pdf
  18. I took some photos the last 2 times I went to Movieworld. Here is my Tribute to the Police Academy Stunt Show.
  19. They must've been testing. We entered the queue at 4:15, got on just after 5:00. When we exited, there was a sign at the entry saying it was closed..... unless they re-opened it again because of the earlier closure. I've been once where they kept SE open 'til 7pm because it was closed for half the day.
  20. I went yesterday (Saturday). The place was packed. They even used the Revue stand (the one without shading) for the PA stunt show. SDSC was running. SE was down for a period during the morning. They were only running one car so queues were around 45 minutes to an hour. (We saw the safety video 14 times each time we queued.) Both LW and RoadRunner were running 2 cars. They actually had someone decent doing the Batman Adventure ride. The previous 2 were less than enthusiastic.
  21. Yeah it's hard to say. With the later closing time, you're down 1.5 hours compared to a normal day. It might be a turn-off if you're paying to get in. On the other hand, people may assume that most would be turned off and go on Anzac Day thinking wait times would be extremely short. So who knows! I'm actually going Saturday.
  22. I had my first evac from Scooby yesterday morning. I was so excited! We had just gone up in the lift. We were in the front car. We didn't move. I could hear the people in the car behind us - so I knew it hadn't moved either. I suspected something was amiss. Next thing the music stops and an announcement (female voice) came over the speakers saying that the ride had to be temporarily stopped. We waited a little while and the announcement was repeated (suggesting to me that it was an automated announcement). Waited a bit longer and then the lights came on. A male voice announced that the ride had to be stopped and that people had to be evacuated. I think this was also an automated announcement but then another announcement was made telling us to stay calm and wait until an attendant came around. This announcement didn't sound pre-recorded. A few seconds later a ride op with a torch came into the lift area and got us out one by one. I think someone mentioned that the lift is the first place people get evacuated from, so I guess we were lucky. As we went down the stairs and towards the gate back into the park, another ride op came running in with a torch. I guess they come running from everywhere to do Scooby evacs!
  23. After seeing the original photo, I thought, "This would be a bad idea!" It looks ugly! But after being at Movieworld yesterday during an afternoon downpour, I can see how it'd be useful! There are very few places to go during rain. People run into all the stores - but this is less than ideal because it results in wet carpet and overcrowding by people with no intention to purchase anything. It would be handy to have a covered area in the main street. The parade and street shows could then go ahead as well. If they are considering this, I just hope they can make it look better than the photo in the first post!!
  24. Same ride. They used to have a different ride sequence/story.
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