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  1. I thought big brother 2013 was great.. And sometimes i even chose to watch it over Ja'mie, need i say more?
  2. Can you have a nose stud / ring when working at movie world? even if its clear?
  3. I would know how to handle those situations i just didn't know how to word it.. And by "next year" i meant for the next traineeship at movie world, I'm obviously going to have to get another job but it'll have to be at a hole like mcdonalds which I was really trying to avoid. I've had 2 jobs within the past year, both takeaway stores and they were both hell.
  4. Is it bad if i go into detail? They cant track this can they? The questions were i think (i dont really remember, i was brain dead at the time) "what do customers expect from you" and "what would a customer expect from you if they complained" or something like thatt
  5. Had my mw interview.. completely ruined it. lets just say i was the definition of "um". I was nervous as f*ck before and i was even more nervous during the interview. Did my research and got a new shirt for this, really thought i had it in the bag, and of course i got the 2 hardest questions that i struggled so bad on it shouldve been filmed for funniest home videos. So mad at myself, wouldve been a fantastic traineeship. The questions werent even that bad, they were just ones i didnt think about before so. It went for about 2 minutes, literally. Oh well, next year i guess
  6. Saw a commercial this morning showing a animated version of the storm coaster pov.. it was only short but it showed a bit of the inside with the fire / set
  7. Believe it or not, I don't own any collared shirts / button ups and i don't have the money to just go and buy one for a 15 minute interview. Would a clean plain black / dark blue shirt be ok if the shoes matched? I wore a Tshirt to the group interview and I got in
  8. So a clean tshirt, chinos and vans/converse would be a big no? I'm only a teen..
  9. Now I need some advice on a movie world 1 on 1 interview
  10. Do you think they'd email all the people accepted for an interview within 1 day?? :
  11. I have another question, I had a group interview for a job at movieworld on the weekend for school traineeship.. Some of my friends have gotten emails regarding 1 on 1 interviews but i haven't! Will they not email me if I don't get the job? This is torture
  12. Does anyone know what happens at a "casting call" for employment opportunities on the holidays? Anyone been to one before? Its this tuesday, wednesday and thursday!! Thanks
  13. Hmmm.. I have a big feeling that they're going to reuse a disappointingly amount from last years event.. I hope they step up their game to FN's level and maybe add a show in the HSD arena and/or the sound stage, shows under the big screen was a major hazard last year as there was basically no where to sit and actually enjoy the show. the Looney Tunes show in 2011 in the sound stage was great and I would be happy to see that return this year, although I would rather enjoy something new.
  14. And the saw puppet can be seen in the vlog video I posted a week ago Here's a photo but terrible quality
  15. Jason Vorhees was out a lot last night and so was Freddy Kruger and the Saw puppet Does anyone know who this guy is? He looks similar to Michael Myers but the mask looks different in a way and you can clearly see his eyes??? Plus he looks nothing like the previous Michael Myers
  16. Personally I thought last years was terrible and I know for a fact that I am never buying a season pass again, if I didn't have a free ticket this year I wouldn't be going at all..
  17. go on the #movieworld or #frightnight tag on instagram and scroll down until you get to last saturday night, a lot of people were posting pics of the iv bag.. (yes i look, dont judge me)
  18. Haha definitely not put on, my 18 year old sister couldn't begin to explain how petrified she and her friends were in the ED maze. Oh and that "stupid award thing" was a grammy
  19. Here's a vlog from last night (not mine), now i understand even more why you couldn't see the ringmaster reanimated35, as others mentioned he was on top of club blood (shown in video)
  20. The opening show was uploaded to Facebook here - http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=526045144143765 I can understand how you can miss the Ringleader, but he was at the top
  21. Thanks but no more replies..... I called 7 hours ago, not gonna happen.
  22. This is kinda urgent.. So I have a VIP gold and I'm going to redeem my ticket for tomorrow night. Does anyone know if I can redeem another ticket but for $20 through the website for a friend? Thanks
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