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  1. Is it too far fetched to speculate that MW might repaint the entire ride before opening it?
  2. Those yellow brick walls look better than the ones at Doomsday...
  3. I mentioned the idea of Movie World creating an attraction themed to The Lego Movie a while back which makes me wonder if maybe it could be part of whats coming in front of the showstage. The fact the movie was made by Village Roadshow and Warner Bros. has been a big factor behind the idea in my mind, however I'm not sure if the Lego company would licence for an attraction due to the fact they already have interests in their own themeparks. I am very excited to see what Movie World has instore whatever it may be
  4. I was looking up some info about the new Lego Movie today and saw that the film was co-produced by Warner Bros. in the US and Village Roadshow Productions in Australia. This could possibly end up as a ride in Movie World if it does alright in the box office in Australia next month, What do you guys think? It's also pretty cool that the animation for the movie was done by a VFX production company in Sydney!
  5. The Inbetweeners facebook page just posted this picture from the new movie that look's like some of it will be filmed at WnW
  6. Has the viking revenge been running for the last few weeks?
  7. I had the Bacon & Cheese burger at the Gotham City Cafe today and it was quite alright, also they gave me the wrong burger initially but did a really good & quick job at fixing it up
  8. I just found out about the new app that Village released for Movie World, Wet 'n' Wild and Sea World and had a look and it's pretty good. I wasn't sure if you guys knew of its existence but I posted anyway. The map looks really good and you can also register your VIP pass information as well which gets you extra things in the app. It seems they have taken all the info from the maps you usually get at the parks and made it look nicer and more interactive. But sadly no Android version https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/theme-parks-pocket-guide/id658174041?mt=8
  9. The photoshop job is definitely wasted potential. Actually, if you think about it "wasted potential" could be the tagline for Dreamworld in the scheme of the last few years...
  10. Movie World are having a Maintenance Lot Sale, they are selling Ex HWSD cars, Police Academy stuff, the LTRR and BT boats and lots of other things. http://movieworld.com.au/latest-news/lot-sale.aspx
  11. Its a pretty simple app but they would have to write the code for it another 2 times to have it on the Play store and on Windows Phone which will take some time :/
  12. Have any of you guys seen the new Dreamworld iPhone App? From just playing around with it for a few minutes it looks really useful for use while inside the park!
  13. You do realize that Disney only bought LucasFilm? They are not taking over the production of the films they only own it! It's like how Disney owns Marvel but Marvel is a production company in itself that makes the movies.
  14. Yeah the photos of Six Flags New Orleans actually gave me the idea to make one of the really familiar parks in australia look post-apocalyptic.
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