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  1. I'd say you could definitely fit it all in within 4 hours seeing as it's not during school holidays. You'd have to have a fairly good scheduled 4 hours though, no stuffing around..
  2. Looks like a giant plush doll....
  3. Does anyone have a more detailed and logical review on last night?
  4. Yeah... You're actually very wrong there mate. As for jake thrupp, i reckon he's very awkward in the interviews, movie world are obviously using him because he's Cody simpson's friend and he has 100k+ followers on all his social networking sights. I don't know if you all would know who this guy is but jake's been asking other popular people like Kurt Coleman to tell people to go to fright night on Saturday night. Fame > Talent.
  5. Here's the fright night commercial everyone's been wanting to see, posted on jake thrupp's twitter - From down the bottom at the end of the ad, looks like a new show (i think) called Space Cowboy
  6. Im older than I was 5 years ago Gazza
  7. Well its no lie. Although it was on the day of the event, and they may have had it covered earlier during the day (I saw it around 2-3pm)... But still, I was there as a day guest and it surely wasn't covered when I walked by it. By the way, this was in front of the superman sign, they had a set up with cars and helicopters from PA with blood and bloody people scattered on them and the spider that is now in Scooby with a dead person in it's mouth. This was in 2008. Photos here - http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=47341. Believe what you want..
  8. Agreed! My 13 year old cousin was petrified when entering the ride and I witnessed a little girl about 10 literally scream for her life begging her parents to exit the ride queue with her... This would most likely ruin any kids day, especially that gorey prop the pigman has with him. I remember back in the day when they had the dead bloody mannequins on the police car and helicopter for the event but still out for viewing during the day, scared the living sh*t out of me.
  9. More details added to website - http://movieworld.com.au/fright-nights Also an interesting detail about one of the new characters, the Nightwalker - "You will see him running around Movie World, swinging from poles and climbing up walls! He can even create electrical sparks when we runs his hands along the poles and the ground!" excited to see how this turns out!
  10. FINALLY! The website has been updated! But only 2 mazes that we already knew announced, and no shows and no scarezones announced either so it's basically useless information. http://movieworld.com.au/fright-nights/overview
  11. The Ford thing isn't in the Superman helix, it's behind the gate where you'd walk towards the studios.
  12. Took this a few days ago where the old Marvin ride used to be.. I'm guessing this is where the entry/exit will be for the ride (probably entry). Also most likely to the right of the photo where the actual door is
  13. Is that really appropriate for after a daytime parade with kids around?
  14. Saw the baby polar bear today.. Went to check it out around 11am and it was closed because the cub was sleeping.. Went back around 12:30pm and there was a line of people so you would guess that it's out with its mum. The enclosure is small so they could only let a certain amount of people in for around 3 minutes before letting the next load in, which IMO i think is a great idea. Although waiting for a short while for your turn was a struggle as there is no shade and on a hot day like today it felt like you would melt before you even make it in the enclosure. The cub was a massive hit and very
  15. Quick! Make a Facebook page dedicated to theme parks while you still can!
  16. Cute animated commercial for the new baby polar bear http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9_CmTEiPis
  17. The videos are up here http://www.youtube.com/user/Big3ThemeParks/videos
  18. Don't really know if this relates to this but Movie World once had a zombie laser skirmish at Fright Nights where it was just people vs zombies..
  19. I think you are talking about Dragon Alley through china town in the first Fright Night back in 2009, if not this was pretty similar.. They put signs out saying "live snakes inside" to make people believe that when things touch your leg in the pitch black, it's a real live snake. Pretty clever
  20. In this commercial for the VIP pass you can see a little snippet of this years Fright Nights.. looks like they're running away from something (obviously), similar to the past Halloween Horror Night ads. Also the movie world website now has a Fright Night background on the main page, but sadly still no mazes announced.
  21. Does anyone else find it a bit weird how they purposely cut off the Batwing from all art concepts? I also dont understand why they would name a sky viewing tower "Doomsday" anyway... Doesnt make much sense in my opinion.
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