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  1. How scary is this maze /5? Is is like Fright Night extreme or more family orientated? Oh and what do the zombies look like, are they very detailed?
  2. I didn't "steal" it from your account mate, it was in the dreamworld tag and I screenshot it. Oh and incase no one has realised yet, this guy is Jacko
  3. Um i'm pretty sure I said this in a forum a few months ago? I got absolutely NO appreciation for that.
  4. From twitter @bradlz2912 #CHUCKY4D is not a maze, it's a movie and it will be held in the Roxy Theatre taking over Ice Age 4D only during Fright Nights. i guess its like saw 3d, but 4d???? i wonder how they'll make it 4d...
  5. its probably run by a few members of the fright night team and movie world gives them early information?
  6. The conjuring????? Sounds like a crowd pleaser for sure! "We've all seen the movie but have you experienced it face to face? Can you make it out of #THECONJURINGMAZE? "
  7. Just noticed in the FAQ page that fright night will include scare zones... What is Fright Nights? The event features horrifying mazes, scare zones, shows and more. Plus some of your favourite rides will be open during select hours. This is a separately ticketed event and not included with regular park admission tickets. Im guessing itll be in the theme of "Zippos circus" with the ringmaster (the guy with the elf ears in the darkness of the night promo photo) "commanding the soulless creatures of the night".. Maybe in the wild west areas just next to Scooby and a circus themed maze wi
  8. Yes there's definitely something happening in the show stage as what's up rock is no longer on the show times or the website
  9. Looks like they gave up on the 100 followers thing lmao You guessed it! The all new #EVILDEADMAZE will make you wish you never stepped foot in the cabin of endless horrors. https://twitter.com/FrightNightsAU/status/369745291315924992/photo/1
  10. Smart thinking MikeMac! very smart, very smart indeed... so smart i think im in love with you please marry me. i already have our wedding planned and i know what our kids name will be! Xavier the third
  11. When darkness falls... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151757736902182&set=a.452895337181.251091.106147617181&type=1&theater
  12. just revealed on the Fright Night twitter Here's the first clue to one of the brand new mazes taking place at #FN this year... Got any ideas on what it may be? https://twitter.com/FrightNightsAU I guess its official, Evil Dead maze!
  13. I cant be the only one who thought that said Kevin Hill at first glance, right?
  14. is this legit https://twitter.com/FrightNightsAU
  15. Do you think Sea World will be getting this?
  16. You have a lot of free time don't you............
  17. Does anyone have a video of the Looney Tunes Easter show that's at Movie World right now?
  18. Simple things like what Dreamworld does would be much better, eg. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151195252748613&set=a.127090438612.105255.30639128612&type=1&theater or http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151216920018613&set=a.127090438612.105255.30639128612&type=1&theater I don't mean the occasional iPhone Instagram photo by the way...
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