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  1. RideManiac

    new ride at movie world?

    Lots of Kids love the Flinstones! And I am sure plenty of them would buy a Dino Teddy Bear!
  2. RideManiac

    RCT3 Creations

    That is so cool!!!
  3. RideManiac

    The wackiest, wildest coaster ever?!

    I haven't been on many rides, but I would say one of those woodies which bash you head a gazillion times and destroy every other part of your body that you care about. (This isn't a dis to woodies, I am just saying they are wild.) Either that or... THE LETHAL WEAPON, The same lethal weapon that was replaced by Arkham Asylum at the start of this year, the same Lethal Weapon that you cannot remember anything about after you get to the top of the first hill.
  4. RideManiac

    Best Ride at Movie world

    what do you mean by flat ride? Correct me if i am wrong, but Surely only drop-type rides could fulfil this. And surely Movieworld would think that one is enough? It is a great ride, with brilliant drops. It is fun to go on, at least the first time...
  5. RideManiac

    How often do you visit?

    I still like the rides at both but because of my younger brothers we usually go to Dreamworld 'cause of the more kiddy rides. So, to get me through the door more movieworld would need to expand on kids rides... (Looney Tunes River Ride). For Dreamworld it would purely be the release of another big ride, and the removal of Mick Doohan Motor Coaster as a huge thrill ride.
  6. RideManiac

    Best Ride at Movie world

    Wow! Thanks! Okay, we will go on the Wild West Then.
  7. RideManiac

    Best Ride at Movie world

    Is Arkham Asylum still as bad as Lethal Weapon? Oh, and there is no problem about going to the parks. We are only going to Movie World anyway. We all love rides, and my friend is kind of sceptical about how good Aussie rides are. We want to show him that they are just as good. Thanks all of you for the help, and we may not go on Wild West Falls only because we don't want to get wet. Oh, and is it worth it buying the ride pictures? How much are they? I have also thought about something else for a few years. This is the possibility of making models of rides that you can take home to relive your experience. It could be $100 and I would still buy it. I don't know about the rest of you but is there are reason this doesn't happen?
  8. RideManiac

    Best Ride at Movie world

    What is the best ride at Movie world? I am going there soon and my friends and I are wondering what to go on first, second, third etc. Also, will the Justice League Simulator (or whatever it is) be finished by the end of November?