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  1. lfrit4

    Fright Night 2014

    This is the staff training room, it's an old gremlins theatre room still too
  2. lfrit4

    Fright Night 2014

    Sorry if this is off the topic but to answer this question, it is the Superman Escape Subway Scenario
  3. Not so much seen, but the sound effects for each zone is pretty neat too!
  4. lfrit4

    Fright Night 2014

    Well they were setting up a stage and tables with dinnerware on them and I ask what the screen were for and they informed me they they are for tonight's function
  5. No sorry, I'm 183cm tall and can fit in it easily and the cars are quite spacey and large They go a pretty descent speed, faster than speedys taxis
  6. Also it is for all ages! As long as you can fit in the cars
  7. No, I just saw it today and the workers said it is now opened. Just a soft openning
  8. lfrit4

    Fright Night 2014

    This is for a function on, no relations to fright night
  9. You all know it opened today?
  10. Anything bright you shouldn't look directly into, a little common sense! The lights in there project random patterns, that's what you should be looking at! I'm glad they finally updated the lasers and I'm guessing no fog machine in there at the moment could be because they could be using it for fright night or installing a new one
  11. lfrit4

    Fright Night 2014

    There's one more still to be announced
  12. lfrit4

    Fright Night 2014

    They have just finished filming the ads for fright night, so wait a couple of weeks