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  1. Redboost

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    THIS!!! I live in polos too, and would love a polo option, especially in polyester! I only have 2 polos from VR themeparks, one cotton from MW (purchased over 10 years ago) and one polyester from Seaworld - the cotton has since turned to a threaded mess (cheaply sewn together, threading and stitching came apart) but the SW one lives on after 8 years. *memories*
  2. Redboost

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    Whenever I hear bubbler, Todd Carney comes to mind......
  3. Redboost

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    Truer words have never been spoken.
  4. Being an interstate traveller and having just returned with the family from the GC, a lot of this I can relate to. For the last 10 years, we have always bought the VIP passes and spent 3 - 4 days at VR parks but this year, with SW not really having much to offer, we opted for the 2 day pass and visited MW on both days. In the past, with the VIP pass, I'd use it twice in a year, one for the annual family trip, then again later in the year as a stop over weekend returning from QLD for work. But the positive side to this is that it did allow us to try other attractions on the GC we'd never tried before so that was a good thing. That being said, I don't think $139 is too unreasonable - but that's a local price which I can't access. And after coming to the GC for the last 10 years, the wife wants a change and wants to go OS next trip so chances are we won't be returning to the GC for another 2 to 3 years.
  5. Redboost

    Australian Outback Spectacular - changes?

    Has anyone tried the vegetarian option? I've tried the chicken and steak (prefer the steak) but saw the guests in front get the vegetable pastie which looked okay.
  6. Redboost

    Australian Outback Spectacular - changes?

    The last time I visited AOS was in 2016 and they were running the High Country Legends show then until last year when they switched to the Light Horse show and now back to the High Country show. The High Country show in 2016 had a helicopter prop burst into the main show arena whereas the 2018 edition doesn't. The shows are near identical story-wise except for a minor change due to the lack of the helicopter prop.
  7. Went to see the AOS show last week and noticed a major change in the production - what happened to the helicopter prop?? I last saw the show 2 years ago and this year decided to take the missus (who had yet to see the show) and was hyping her up for the helicopter which never eventuated. Did something happen to it between the last time they featured High Country Legends and last year's Light Horse show? Or is it just a case of VR saving $$$ by removing it from the show altogether?
  8. Doh! Probably should have scrolled down when looking at that section of the website - thanks heaps folks!
  9. Sorry to dig up an old thread but due to hit the GC for the NSW school holidays and wanted to plan out the expenses - thinking of getting the Hunger Buster option but wanted to get an idea of what it covers. So for MW, a meal would be burger, chips and drink from Gotham burgers? Kids meals as well? And snack would be a scoop from B&J or a dessert option from Sweet Treats? What size coffee can you get from Village Bean, just the standard size cup? Are slushies considered a "snack" for the purpose of this deal?
  10. Redboost

    John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    Fantastically written, its clear to see you have a genuine passion for Dreamworld and its history. To think, Dreamworld could have been a Sydney fixture if we actually had the land available to him to buy at the time......
  11. Just out of curiosity, does anyone remember the approximate ride time of Bush Beast? I remember going on it so many times when it was around but cant remember if it would have held the the Australian record for longest track/ride time. Would DC Rivals hold that record now?
  12. So sad to read the park is in such a sad state, next year will actually be the first year we go and have no intention of going to Dreamworld (although I will be stopping by the Lego store to pick up some exclusive sets). I'm hopeful that Dreamworld will make some out-of-left field announcement regarding a new ride or development but reading that article and seeing the pics doesn't give me much hope at all. Which is a shame because the staff were some of the best I've come across at any theme park, but the park in its current condition is just an eyesore.
  13. Redboost

    Fright Nights 2017

    Yeah, the family and I have been going to the Gold Coast on and off for the last 10 years and I haven't done a single feature night (FN, WC, Carnivale) so it'd be nice to at least do one. Was hoping to do Carnivale this year until it got moved to SW so I guess FN holds the most appeal at the moment.
  14. Redboost

    Fright Nights 2017

    I'm interested in attending FN next year if it continues but some quick questions for those who've been: 1. I'm planning on going up with the missus who doesn't like major scares - would you class the scares at FN "piss your pants" scary, or "fuck, where did you come from, then laugh it off" scary? 2. How long does each maze take to navigate roughly? Say for the average person? 3. I'm hearing people say there's too much to do - assuming I skip the rides, can everything FN-related be completed by the end of the night?
  15. Is on ride photo available for the ride yet? And where is it located? Can it take a backwards-seated photo as well?