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  1. The location of the lockers/exit store on SE has always bugged me - they don't let you bring any loose items on the ride yet when you disembark, you exit through the store but aren't able to buy anything anyway until you get to the locker. By which time, the euphoria of riding SE has probably worn off or you're distracted by something else to even want to return back to the store. Even if you wanted to get your picture, you go to the locker, get your wallet/Photo Fast Pass then return to the store only to wait in line because another group is purchasing something/checking photos. By which time
  2. Great insight folks, thanks for putting my concerns to bed. 👍
  3. Okay, just doing last minute checks before I finalise bookings but was suggested by a friend I look into Airbnb accommodation to save some money - what's people's opinion on this? I've never used them before so not sure what the experience/procedure is like but from what I can understand of it, its people's private homes that they offer up for accommodation? I'm reading some conflicting reports that Airbnb is actually not allowed in Singapore but yet there a numerous listings in Singapore for them - apparently some rule about registration of property as accommodation premises and only allowed
  4. For those who've gone to Legoland Malaysia, whats the best way/time to get there? I understand there's a 1.5 hour wait at the border? So that would suggest leaving early in the morning to get to the border for processing, spending the day there, then returning in the evening. Do we have to wait at the border again in the evening for processing? Would be a very long day for the kids. Would we be better off just staying a night at Legoland? Or not enough to do to justify the expense?
  5. Awesome advice here folks, planning is well under way. Keep the info coming! 😊
  6. After hitting the GC every year for the last 10 years or so, the family has decided its time for a change (that and the fact that the GC parks are in a shambles at the moment with their offerings). So we are planning on hitting Singapore next year. After doing some research, here are the things/places we'd like to try/visit: * Universal Studios * Singapore Zoo/River Safari/Night Zoo * Gardens by the Bay * Orchard Road shopping * Sentosa Island Aquarium/Luge/waterpark *Pop over to Legoland Malaysia (if time allows) So just wanting to get some travel advice bef
  7. THIS!!! I live in polos too, and would love a polo option, especially in polyester! I only have 2 polos from VR themeparks, one cotton from MW (purchased over 10 years ago) and one polyester from Seaworld - the cotton has since turned to a threaded mess (cheaply sewn together, threading and stitching came apart) but the SW one lives on after 8 years. *memories*
  8. Whenever I hear bubbler, Todd Carney comes to mind......
  9. Being an interstate traveller and having just returned with the family from the GC, a lot of this I can relate to. For the last 10 years, we have always bought the VIP passes and spent 3 - 4 days at VR parks but this year, with SW not really having much to offer, we opted for the 2 day pass and visited MW on both days. In the past, with the VIP pass, I'd use it twice in a year, one for the annual family trip, then again later in the year as a stop over weekend returning from QLD for work. But the positive side to this is that it did allow us to try other attractions on the GC we'd never tried
  10. Has anyone tried the vegetarian option? I've tried the chicken and steak (prefer the steak) but saw the guests in front get the vegetable pastie which looked okay.
  11. The last time I visited AOS was in 2016 and they were running the High Country Legends show then until last year when they switched to the Light Horse show and now back to the High Country show. The High Country show in 2016 had a helicopter prop burst into the main show arena whereas the 2018 edition doesn't. The shows are near identical story-wise except for a minor change due to the lack of the helicopter prop.
  12. Went to see the AOS show last week and noticed a major change in the production - what happened to the helicopter prop?? I last saw the show 2 years ago and this year decided to take the missus (who had yet to see the show) and was hyping her up for the helicopter which never eventuated. Did something happen to it between the last time they featured High Country Legends and last year's Light Horse show? Or is it just a case of VR saving $$$ by removing it from the show altogether?
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