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  1. Best I can do is a show stage with upward seating that you can occasionally walk though
  2. For immediate release to the public: Movie World will have a new ride, it will have a colour and you can ride that ride. Coming Soon™
  3. Surely it's gotta be easier now that you don't even have to decide how positive you can be?
  4. Look, we’d all love a path that looks like a metal snake has slithered across it and left steel scales behind but I think a patterned concrete path was mentioned as it’s more likely when you consider the level of themeing we usually see at the GC parks
  5. Why would the snake themed ride having a snake skin themed path not make sense thematically?
  6. Maybe they learned from Wipeout to not pour all of their money into keeping a ride operating when it shouldn't be anymore. At this point, any money they spend on it would not result in any form of return on investment.
  7. At least they are trying to claw back some funds from it instead of just selling it for its weight in scrap steel.
  8. Chuck down a paper template. Chuck down coloured pigment. Pull up the paper template. You've got a snake skin path
  9. All big businesses do this type of thing. It's how the rich stay rich and whatnot
  10. And they still wont have removed Arkham to make room for it
  11. Probably the lack of inflation mixed with the raft taking on water. That'll help a raft flip if it hits a rapid while scraping along the bottom of the trough
  12. Just pull a Eureka and pretend it doesn't exist for 10 years... Oh wait, they already did that with Buzzsaw
  13. Okay kids, check out our newest ride, the flat slide! It's 5cm of water that you walk through.
  14. Good to know it's going down for maintenance afterwards. Maybe they can get it back up and running for this time next year so they can announce it retiring again
  15. It's still pretty interesting to see coaster supports bolted to a metal frame instead of being embedded in the ground. It also keeps the "travelling carnival" feel of Luna Park too so it would fit well.
  16. Holy shit, they are moving the claw to the main street toilets
  17. Deodorant V Covid: The battle we never saw coming
  18. Would be nice if they could run its double cycle to celebrate the final days They could put a helicopter pad there....
  19. Well, I guess a few unwashed people outweigh vaccinations and masks. Everyone, have a shower or you'll get COVID
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