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  1. Thanks @Dom you got the 15th removed
  2. Small medium spends years bitching about park and suddenly doesn't get a press release Huge medium spends years talking about the park in various formats, bad and good, continues to get press releases. Maybe they just don't want to support the small folks who shit on them but are happy to support the mass media who also shit on them because their reach is in the millions
  3. In that case, I better be the first person you tell, hahah
  4. For membership holders they just extend the middle finger
  5. That left side angle of Scooby looks terrifying
  6. I have a bunch of things planned for when QLD reopens too. I've got some shopping to do and some people to see. It's a very big treat for my friends and I!
  7. Imagine the GCB headlines. Just 6 years on from the Thunder River Rapids tragedy Dreamworld is installing a pre-owned ride
  8. Big meaty meat slapping meat over control of a ball, it's all very similar to me
  9. Time to start teaching livestock to play football
  10. I don't see why things such as judging couldn't take place. Bring them in one at a time, judge them like a teenage girl judges your outfit, post the results for everyone to see, give awards to the winners without the usual spectacle.
  11. I do like how SW provided amazing visuals in the promo material of a fully themed/landscaped area when that was never the plan. At least they are finally accepting it's not happening and have redone the promo images
  12. The problem with that is that spaghetti junction will be getting removed and having a brand new elevated pathway joining it would be very counteractive towards that.
  13. Paint is relatively cheap. Paint the back of SV as a rock wall or something
  14. No speculation here, just "publicly available" information apparently Well that's no fun!
  15. Putting your name on all of the work done by someone else really pays off when you're at the top...
  16. But my doctor is terrified of midgets. Little patients never helped him
  17. Shit, be careful or he might randomly appear to try and take legal action against you for pointing out his failures.
  18. You haven't actually provided any information that is publicly available other than taking shots in the dark. Rivals will close sometime this year for maintenance. Fright Nights will have mazes and could take place at night this year. See, I can do it too! Yeah, it's "public knowledge" but it's irrelevant without any actual details
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