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  1. Cut the child a break people. All he/she did was react in a "normal" childish way to some criticism (albeit very constructive and gently phrased) levelled at him/her by Daniel. I certainly agree that correct spelling and grammar is very important; if a post is not written legibly then I simply won't read it. Responding in kind by name calling and the like only feeds the troll.
  2. Here I was thinking that they were there for asthetics
  3. What I'm trying to say Rabid is that if you take your definition and apply it to IOA then it should be considered as a "combination" of both. IOA in my opinion is the best "Theme" and "Thrill" park I have ever been to. All rolled into one magic place If IOA can deliver in both areas there is no reason other parks can't (I'm not saying that all parks should).
  4. Are they still running those mid course trims on the BB? You know, the ones that stop you almost to a stand still.......
  5. I would consider IOA as a great combination of "Theme" and "Thrill" park in the one place.
  6. I am still amazed at just how smooth Corkscrew is after all these years. Great job SW and Arrow!
  7. If you're anything like me JB you'll HAVE to get on any coaster you see. I quite enjoyed Manhattan Express (don't remember it costing a tenner tho), it offers another perspective on the strip and does contain one fairly unusual element. Unfortunately I can't comment on the merits of Speed as it was down the entire time we were in Vegas. The tower sure does look pretty though. Besides, the $10 spent on Manhattan Express would have to be better than the 5 mins that would buy you at one of the 700,000 poker machines scattered around the place.......
  8. Bounty's Revenge is definately my favourite ride/part of the park. I like the surroundings and I love the ride itself; interacting with the others on the ride can be great fun.
  9. If you're a fan of coasters then while in LA you need to do Six Flags Magic Mountain (X, Goliath, DejaVu and Riddler are my favs) and Knott's Berry Farm (Xcellerator (sp)). In Vegas you have the New York New York coaster (can't remember the name) which is always a bit of fun. Have a great time!
  10. So which park do you think will be the one to wow us all with a major announcement? Will it be Dreamworld announcing that construction of the world's first 300ft inverted will start in June? Will it be Seaworld coming out with a fly swatter built above Shark Bay? Could it possibly be Wonderland with the news we have all been frothing at the mouth to hear? I think you all get the idea
  11. Shame that the suspended left our shores. Would have fitted in nicely with any of our parks.
  12. I agree with you Rich: TB I have always thought was a little easier on the head than LW. I never did get to ride LW when it was first built but can imagine that it would have been quite a fun ride. These days you are just concentrating on staying in one piece, rather than enjoying individual elements on the ride as you go.
  13. Goboi wrote: Trouble is while most people don't have very kind words to say about Wonderland these days they have not very much to compare the park to. Wasn't til 5 years ago when I visited my first US park that I realised just how ****e we have it here (this includes the GC parks but to a much lesser extent than that of Wonderland). Haven't been back to Wonderland since my first O/S trip and don't plan on going back until they can justify to me that parting with a $50 for a day in their park is indeed a good investment; only way they can do that is by putting in some decent rides/attrac
  14. I don't think I could have held my head any further back into the head rest I think the design of the Vekoma horse collar restraint contributes a little to the problem as well, if you look the standard B&M horse collar they seem to be a little more confortable.
  15. Bugger, lost the post I just spent the last 10 mins typing Here the short version: Agreed Joz, rides can be inconsistent (I went on to name a few examples, Hulk at IOA was one of them) but most I have been on don't have the severity that LW does now. Then I went on to say stuff about how Vekoma do a good job for their place in the market and how good a ride DejaVu is. That will do for now.
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