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  1. Finger lickin good... lol... (sorry 4 that sick post)
  2. Doesn't beat the (used) condom found on Zodiac
  3. Just ask the bright spark that decided to climb space probe to only realise his ambitions to visit space fell 15 metres short from the base of the earth.
  4. So can we turn this into the Coles Myer Distribution Centre forum now??
  5. I think the reason nothing much is happening is because the DA for the new Coles Myer Distribution Centre is before Blacktown Council... Expressions closed at the end of May i think (you can find the DA around the Car Park fencing) so expect more action in July-August.
  6. b-girl, you are right. You can't compare the level or degree of customer service each staff member faces. My point was to show Alex that 'observations' don't account for actual experience.
  7. I agree. People need to understand why these restrictions are in place. Nevertheless, my sympathy to the family involved in this horrific incident. WDW however should have treated the incident far more seriously than it did. From that article, re-opening the ride so soon after a fatal accident was not appropriate.
  8. The answer to that question is YES. I don't conclude with that answer because I "observed" ride operators, because I actually have the experience in that area. Again, the answer to that question is... wait for it... YES "We do apologise, but for reasons beyond our control the XXXX is not operational today. We do suggest however that you try....." Alex, if you were 'working' and saying those speils to 1000 people, I very much doubt you would have the time to listen and observe the ride operators considering the closest ride to coin pitch (Bountys) involves the operator communicating with E
  9. Its a shame that a cloud of uncertainty hovers over the two remaining Luna Parks in Australia
  10. Attractions staff are responsible for speiling and advising guests with showtimes, directions etc. like retail and f&b staff. Remember one area of an Attractions staff member's job includes ushering at the various shows and appearances throughout the park. Ok so a attendant speils to the customers before they enter the ride, greet them as they enter, guest relate as they perform their safety checks, speil prior to dispatching the ride, speil whilst the ride is in motion (oh yeah and somewhere in there, they press those buttons), speil as the ride is completing its cycle, guest relate
  11. AlexB, if you worked in the Attractions Department, maybe you might have a leg to stand on... How is a F+B staff member going to have more contact with guests when they're flippin burgers in an outlet? You just can't justify that comment. What about Ride Ops that deal with guest injuries, complaints, and most of all the responsibility for the safety of hundreds of people who enter their ride? Theres a lot more to it than 'sittin behind a panel'. And if you were seen, throwing the ball and 'ripping' out the microphone out of his hand, you should have joined that guest in being ejected from t
  12. I wouldn't ride those festival rides unless I had a death wish.
  13. Surprisingly enough, you do get used to the stench when you have to deal with it every morning after a very hot day. One of the highlights of my work at Wonderland.
  14. Firstly, in what year was that letter written in? Secondly, whoever wrote it has poor grammar which suggests its not a professional letter at all. Thirdly, who really cares?
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