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  1. FormerWonderEmp

    I was in the Daily Telegraph

    Yet again Jack is talking out of her arse. Yes I do know exactly who you are and im a lot closer to you than you think. Every time something went wrong everyone else was to blame but yourself, try looking at yourself (attitude wise) a bit before blaming others. Saying that those two examples you have given were incorrectly delt with by everyone invloved. As for the HR department, they did the best they could with what they had to offer, and don't tell me that thats a load of crap. What experienced manager would work at WS, when, lets face it, the money is crap. Yes the higher level managers would have a nice package, including a car (some very nice ones too). Im talking about the lower levels of managment, if you offer peanuts you get monkeys. As for not giving some blame to the government, give us a break. The state government would of been informed of the decision to close and had to give approval. The approval would of been based on a few things and the major influences would of been two things money (think of how much money they are going to get from land sales) and employment. I think the employment issue would of been the biggest factor in the decision, think about it, 400 low paid jobs (less tax for the government), compared to several thousand job, many of them skilled postions (lots of tax on wages). The govenment could of zoned the land according to its use, forced Sunway to inject money to keep the park open, or force them to find another theme park operator to take over. The government could of also made a injection of money to keep the park open. ~Former
  2. FormerWonderEmp

    Wonderland Sydney is closing!

    Yeah why not, count me in. ~Former
  3. FormerWonderEmp

    Was Wonderland sold?

    I heard through the grapevine that Wonderland was sold at New Years and that it would be closing after the holidays for a major re-development. I don't know who bought the park or for how much, but as I said I heard it through the grapevine so it's probably a load of crap but it will be interesting to see if anything does happen. ~Former
  4. FormerWonderEmp

    Future of rides

    I have just spoken to several people at Wonderland (employees) and they tell me that several rides will be moving after the holidays to make way for new attractions (not necessarly rides). It may have something to do with the lion cubs that are coming but they wern't sure. Does anyone closer to the park have any info on this? What rides and where are they going? When I was there the talk was that Dodgems was moving to make way for and extension of the wildlife park and it was going next to Endeavour. Could this be the place for the lions when they get bigger? ~Former
  5. FormerWonderEmp

    Tasmanian Devil

    Sounds like you want Wizards Fury re-opened!! ~Former
  6. FormerWonderEmp

    Wonderland's (tight) budget

    Even the small jobs cost money Daniel and it all mounts up in the end. Things like monitors may appear to be easy to fix but it may require replacing wiring which can be a big job. It's been about a year since i was there. ~Former
  7. FormerWonderEmp

    Tasmanian Devil

    Did you just call up WS and ask to speak to the maintenance dept? Or do you know someone in the department? ~Former
  8. FormerWonderEmp

    Wonderland's (tight) budget

    It would be nice for WS to be able to spend as much money as they like on all the requests put in by all departments (there are about 11 or 12, and some of those have more then one section). As you can see the number of requests for expeniture would be enormous, any with an owner (including shareholders) cannot possible spend all the money required. Yes WS is in a poor state but it is better then it was about a year ago. Money is being spent but people outside the park (non-workers) dont see where alot of this goes. ~Former
  9. FormerWonderEmp

    Funny Photos

    I recently recieved this photo via email. Damm funny. If anyone else has funny pics of people on rides please let us have a look. ~Former
  10. I think that WS will extend the Wildlife park into the former LWL. It would make sense considering that the Wildlife park brings in so much money for the park and that the former LWL joins the top half of the Wildlife park. Does anyone here who goes to WS on a regular basis actually look at the ages of the rest of the other people at WS? The majority of customers are families with young kids (under 12). Now think about this and now tell me the chance of getting a Hyper of Giga coaster. WS market has would mean that a ride like that would not be feasable. I would say that if there is a new ride coming in the near future it would be kids "thrill" ride like new Reptar ride at DW or something similar to replace Beastie. ~Former
  11. FormerWonderEmp

    Wonderland News (Beach Construction!)

    You guys cannot be serious!! How could anyone believe such a ridiculous rumor. One of the reasons that the putt-putt course was removed was because staff were being assulted with the clubs so i cant see them re-introducing another golf game where the clubs will be used as weapons. If they did get it, it would be at the lake next to the Beach. ~Former
  12. FormerWonderEmp

    Demon re-opening

    Hi everyone Just to let you all know that i have just been informed by my sources at WS that Demon will re-open tomorrow (13th). If your going to WS enjoy, and let us know if Demon is any different from before. ~Former
  13. FormerWonderEmp


    The area between the entrance and the Beach will be LG Electronics. The M7 offices are located in the back carpark at WS and takes up almost all of the car park. ~Former
  14. FormerWonderEmp

    Bounty's Revenge

    Thanks guys. I did look at that site before I asked the question and saw the two pictures that you are refering to but was looking for specific information about the ride (height, speed, etc.) Other ride manufacturer sites have this information but I couldnt see it anywhere on the Intamin website. ~Former
  15. FormerWonderEmp

    Bounty's Revenge

    Does anyone know the manufacturer of Bounty's? I have looked but not been able to find it. I do know that there are only three of its kind in the world the other three being in Canada and US. Thanks for your help. ~Former