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  1. I'm with Gazza on this one. If people like to speculate what MW has in store then so be, we don't need people like you telling us that were wasting time, heck you even gave your own opinion (they probable will get a flat ride) so why cant everyone else. Think before you write Zane.
  2. Well I didn't expect this!, Ole and the NL development team have released a upgrade to 1.6, adding 3 new coaster styles and new inverted lift texture And must I say, It's "GREAT" The new styles include: - X-car coaster - Vekoma mine train - vekoma mine train with locomotive Download Here now!
  3. ^ I'm Aboriginal, from this area. The tribe is called "Bundjalung". We don't have the legend of the Minka, it comes from further south. I know that my community would be happy to see a themed land based around Aboriginal culture. My aunty is actually a elder that has the most knowledge about our tribe legends/myths on the Gold Coast/Tweed area. This page shows both my relations (first two) Dreamworld can do this if they put there mind (and money) too it. Phantasialand (Europe) has already pulled-off the culture experience with there new themed land : Deep in Africa
  4. The only things that restrict you on Superman escape is how big your thighs are and if you chest touches the resistant (creating tension on the straps) Mw's rides are better for larger people then DW's, I'm tall and heavily boned (thick/heavy boned , that's what you get when your dads unfortunately Maori lol) and I can fit on all of Dw's rides, just.. my shoulders hurt on the claw and cyclone (can just fit on cyclone since they made the adjustments too the resistants) but I have no problems on mick doohan's moto coaster. But at MW I have no problems at all....same with W'n'W (surfrider) and s
  5. Hahaha, how dare you make fun of dreamworld. lol, knowing them they probably would do that.
  6. I really like the Aboriginal Idea, I had a coaster in mind for dreamworld that I though up, It could fit into the area where the new vintage cars have opened up, a new land themed to aboriginal "dream time". A inverted B&M named 'Minka' which is a aboriginal myth/legend stating that if you ever looked at this bird it was instant death. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minka_Bird I though that it would be pretty awesome having the traditional land owners history on show for all the tourist, and dreamworld is possibly the only park that could pull it off (not saying MW cant but they are based
  7. The area mapped out for the coaster (over the water) is for a start, to small for a good, high B&M. And MW is having trouble now with the noise WWF drop creates, let alone a coaster getting put right behind the winging residents so I cant seen them putting a Woodie in there. As for the DC comics area, they should of done that before they build superman?
  8. B&M speed coaster (Hyper) is what MW needs. I know Gazza wanted something similar to Hollywood dream's built in on-board sound system which would be awesome, something around the 50-70 meter mark is what I'm hoping for. But I always keep in mind that getting a B&M in Australia maybe some time yet. Only time will tell... zane.
  9. Its GREAT!! good work. cant wait for the final version
  10. This should go ahead for sure! I vote for movie world. Zane.
  11. there are a few out there, maurer-soehne with there X-car Coaster and Gerstlauer with a similar concept for there Launched looping coaster both of these coaster's look like they have lots to offer in terms of inversions, comfort and layout capabilities.
  12. There are no tutorials for NL that I have heard of sorry to say. Best way to learn is through experimenting If you need help just email me or my MSN is zanekingi@hotmail.com I'll answer questions and things you have. Zano
  13. OK, couldn't remember if it had kicker wheels in the station, thanks Gazz
  14. Hey all, Just a Quick Recreation of Seaworlds Corkscrew Coaster, If there's anything need to be fixed tell me please. Enjoy corkscrew_seaworld.zip
  15. DreamTime rock paintings and dot art, basically aboriginal art
  16. I thought of maybe a inverted B&M or Intamin coaster themed to An aboriginal Myth. It could be placed near where the replaced vintage cars are, its nice out the back there and the land is plentiful. The Myth I'm talking about is the Minka Bird: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minka_Bird "According to the Aboriginals, the sighting of the Minka Bird foretells certain death" "what a perfect theme" I thought, just think of the themeing opportunities. The could build a whole part of the park theme to aboriginal dreamtime. They could get aboriginal dancers and all to perform and stuff which all
  17. Well if they wanted a real thrilling coaster they need to go with intamin. I think B&M's price tags are a little high for Dreamworld. (Edit: Read what Gazza said below. What I wrote before this edit is incorrect sorry.) zane.
  18. No, they are actually called cable. "A cable is one or more wires (can be electrical or metal) or optical fibers bound together" (wikipedia) Zane.
  19. Believe it or not, Yes it has happened many times (like 8 times) and I had been evacuated from the disco shed elevator twice. Lets say I know from experience lol. Zane
  20. I can only think if these guys: Atomiq design groupe
  21. "Atleast you live there so you can visit it anytime. So that's a positive" That's not the point, I still payed to ride this thing, rang up the park on sunday to ask if it was operating and they replied with yes. and if it breaks down during the day, well that's a different story. I would rather line up for 2 hours to ride superman with one train then for it to not work at all.
  22. Hi all, well came back from Wet 'n' Wild the today with disappointment, I when to the park just to ride Surfrider only to find it's under "maintenance"? which is not good, considering they only officially launched it last Friday and the advertising for it is everywhere. there was no notice to say that it wasn't operating or anything, just walked up to the Que and the actual ride Technician standing under the loading platform told me that it wasn't going to be operating today, and as you can Imagine I was devastated. I know new rides have bugs/glitches in the ride operating system, but the
  23. Its not Intense at all, its pure Fun (apart from the drop lol)
  24. Example of good looking woodies: Picture
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