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2006 RES

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Anyone been so far? Here are my thoughts on this year's show. The Space Roller (the new Mondial Topscan) is quite awesome to ride. It has the feeling of the Claw to it (forcefull negative G type), yet it's so much faster, more comfortable and taller...way taller. It's presented brilliantly, it goes for just long enough, it's smooth and it's just a great ride. The only thing missing was the program where the main thingo (my anatomy of rides knowledge has deteriorated) sits high above thr ride and sits and spins, allowing for the gondolas to swing around effortlessly. Otherwise, it was fantastic. The best the show had to offer. 9.5/10 The Twin Flip is horrendously fast and forceful, too much so to enjoy. It's small, and it doesn't stand out. I do reccomend that anyone who can ride it, does so straight away. You'll come back with a new appreciation of wild. 6.5/10 The Zipper was insane this year. Last year I only recorded 3 flips in a row, this year I recorded 15 in a row with no break. It started out slowly, but about halfway through they must have upped the speed because it was freaking insane from that point onward. I was being thrown around in that cage, it was truly awesome. 9/10 Claw was great as usual, it looks superb as well as always. 8/10 Rainbow is one I didn't ride, and it's new colour scheme is aweful. Blue looks horrendous. 2/10 And that's all I rode. It was way too crowded. Anyone else been there yet?

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