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Phantasialand is building a new ride. Called Talocan. But nobody know's what it is. There are much rumours about a Huss Top Spin or something like that, but I think that's to easy. They've only build great rides the last times (Winja's, Mistery Castle, Black Mamba). The promotion movie looks hopefull at least... Check the Talocan site: Click On the site you can find pics of the construction zone (webcam), a intro video and some lines in German: "Aus einer geheimnisvollen Welt kommt eine Kraft, die alles in den Schatten stellt. Der zornige Gott des Universums. Talocan – Herrscher über die Urgewalten der Erde und des Himmels. Talocan – die neue Attraktion in 2007. Im Phantasialand. " My German isn't very good but I'll try: From a world full of secrets comes a power that brings everything in the shadow (darkness?). The furious god of the universe. Talocan - Master of ???? of Earth and Heaven. Talocan - The new ride of 2007 in Phantasialand. Maybe 'the crazy German' can do this better :P But what do you guys think this is going to be?

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This is a direct translation of the information under the heading Talocan on the website:

The ruling power of the God world: Talocan - an enormous strength, which controls everything. It reverenceful the heads of the four directions lean. It huldigen light and darkness, time and eternity. See its face in the sun stone: Four worlds circle it. Four worlds to serve connected it. Talocan, ruler over storm and water. Bezwinger of the fire and the rock. Master over the jungles, the mountains, valleys and villages. Talocan arranges the directions again for you. It shifts the borders of your consciousness in a fight of the elements. The round from Talocans sun stone - it will pull you in into its suction. Into a vortex from fire and water -, those, which protect safe distance to it, will purge to its hypnotischen strength. Talocan - the strength, which places everything into the shade. Talocan - the new attraction in the Phantasialand.

Sound interesting..... :) Note: that the grammar wouldn't be correct in the translation. If you were reading it properly from German to English, some things would be said differently. But this is a word for word translation.

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Hello, the traslation is nearly coerrect. At that point its clear for me what Talocan is. I think its a Supended Topspin from Huss like Tombrider Firefall at Paramouts Kings Dominion.. CLICK Its fits. As you can see on this 4 Pictures it must be a Suspended Topspin. post-987-1168880562_thumb.jpg GiantTechSpecs31GTopSpin.gifpost-987-1168879525_thumb.jpg Talocan Construction 2 Days ago post-987-1168879581_thumb.jpg Tombrider FireFall Construction Other Pictures At least the Phantasialand build always unic Rides, so i thing Talocan will be a little bit different to Tombrider an the Chase will be hanging into the Hole, as you can see on the red Cyrcles. Greets Auge

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