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'Digitally Remastered' Pictures


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Looking over my summer Melbourne trip, on which a majority of the site's galleries were taken, I've certainly come to realise that the quality of the shots just isn't quite there, it's more so with the "post-production" I do, rather than the actual shots - the cropping, colour balancing, watermarking etc. When those galleries were added, I was fairly busy - I was working full time, so I didn't really get to put the time or dedication into it that I'd have liked to. Now that I've got a bit more free time (don't ask me where it's coming from - I should be busy...), I'm re-releasing the photos taken on that trip. So you all know, there's not going to be any additional photos, no new comments, nothing overly special - just better quality pictures at a slightly higher resolution. I'll just be putting up the new photos whenever I have the spare time - maybe once every week or two. No song and dance to be made about it.

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Merimbula's Magic Mountain was done and up earlier this week. Also, I redid the Dreamworld gallery over the weekend. The old one, having looked back, was just plain rotten. The images are mostly old ones, but I did added 11 new photos: 6 of Cyclone, 1 of Runaway Reptar and 4 of the Tower. They're much nicer looking that the old ones. The colours aren't as messed, and they're now all standard sized (if you remember the old ones, the dimensions were all over the place). I'll look at doing the rest of the Scenic World gallery over the weekend.

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