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Swimming with the Dolphins?

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I am looking to do the dolphin encounter as a present. It is very expensive, i just wanted to hear from any one who has done or has done it? Is it worth it? And what to expect. Also, as you have to pay the entry fee aswell. Does any one know of any offers or specials that are going? That could lower the total price of this present at all? Adults at Childrens prices etc.??? Your responses are appreciated

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First of all welcome to the forum! There are discounts with RACQ, 10% off entry price. Thats all i am aware of, try ringing up seaworld or looking through the newspapers, my friend said that in the sunday mail there is a 20 dollar discount or something towards admission prices. Do not ebay price discounts Im sure other members will post here when they find a discount

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I did that, birthday present from my grandmother. Prefer the tiger experience at DW. The talk was better and you have a bit more time with the critters. They're also scarier than dolphins :P SW you have one half in shallow water with a brief photo, the other out in the deep water with the dolphins doing tricks. It was really good but go for Tiger Island instead. Dreamworld do a brilliant job with that.

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Hi Malamaza, and everyone! We're new members to Parkz. My hubby and son (age 19) are the Adrenaline Junkies, but I'm just a lover of everything theme parks, along with our two girls (ages 8 and 6). We did the Family dolphin swim in january 08. We loved it! First you get a talk from a trainer about do's and dont's, then they give you snorkel gear and lifejackets. Then you go down to the water, we were in the Dolphin nursery area, just next to the viewing platforms (if you know Seaworld, it's just next to the Endeavour ship). You get to meet 2 dolphins (we had Zipper and Susie). You get to pat them, kiss them on the proboscis!! - they're nose - LOL!! throw a ball or frisbee, watch them swim underwater. You get lots of info on them. We got 30 min in the water with them cos they had a young dolphin - Nudgee (age 1) who had been rescued from Nudgee beach. he was shy, but had multiple scars on him from fishing hooks etc. the girls and I thought it was really great, but my son not so much. He preferred the Tropical reef snorkel. It is rather expensive, I don't know of any discounts. Also, join My Fun at the seaworld website for discounts on entry. Hope you have a great time!! PS - Love reading everyone's posts, it's great to see fans of theme parks, cos we love em too!! Some of our friends think we're weird!!

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