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Hong Kong Disneyland Expansion Plans

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Hong Kong Disney have announced their plans for the future, and they actually look pretty cool, and will round the park off nicely....Enough to even put the park on my radar now. You can read about it here and see pics: http://disneyandmore.blogspot.com/2009/06/...nsion-plan.html What is interesting is that they are all unique to the park, rather than direct clones of existing Disney rides. The plans currently have in store: Grizzly Gulch....effectively their version of Frontierland, but it will have a flooded western mining town, and the Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster, which sort of seems like a fusion of Big Thunder Mountain and Expedition Everest....with a backwards section, a launch, animatronic bears (This is the ride I'm looking forward to most) Toy Story Land...pretty predictable, sort of like 'a bugs land' but guests are toy sized. It will have a green army men parachute drop ride, and bizarrely, a halfpipe coaster! themed to those yellow plastic hotwheels tracks. Mystic Point....To be honest, the theme of this area looks a bit plain, but it will have the parks haunted mansion (Mystic Manor) with a trackless ride system. Its certainly interesting, though it remains to be seen whether they end up cheaping out a bit, given the park hasn't been doing that well anyway.

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