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Is anyone familiar with how the jobs work at luna Park? I know the park is only opened off peak fri-Mon, but when the park isnt opened, are there any people working there behind the scenes and in offices? because i have just finished my hsc, and would consider a job if anything at luna park with my interest in theme parks. But i dunt see my self only working fri to mon as a ride op or whatever. If anyone could give me any info, id appreciate it. Atm, i am off work with my mechanic apprentice cause of a sprained ankle and with tafe registration in a few days, i wanna know what ill be doing. thanks in advance! JD

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how ever many of four days (fri-mon) I wish to work off peak, and whenever I want to work on peak. You are alternated between the rides you know (I know almost all) perhaps not every day, but often enough.
ahh rite, i see, so its like u work whenever u want really. is that ur main job? or is it just a part time/ casual job for u? and do u know wat tradesmen they employ there? like what are the people who fix the rides and that, are they just engineers?
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casual - student otherwise no idea how many tradespeople they employ. they sure dont look like engineers though, lol. i assume they're just mechanics. there's a handful of them that i see all the time that work on the rides - 7 or so and they're all middle aged.

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