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  1. I've been tuning in abit. I can't really take it...it's so awkward and boring. It's kinda cool to see the set though, it looks the same to my eye. Lots of memories from my younger years.
  2. I was curious what sort of technology is used to convert VHS to DVD so I did a google, and it looks like you can get it done in Brisbane at this place: http://www.filmcopycentre.com/VHS-To-DVD-(2-For-1-Offer).html Better get'er converted.
  3. This is the biggest mistake since that guy wanted to meet people from parkz at Movieworld.
  4. I've been looking for Marvin footage for years, nice catch dude!
  5. This is Spencer's secretary, he will be there to answer all of your Batman questions for $13.98. Also, don't make eye contact.
  6. They got an actual mental asylum a few blocks down, I suggest that you go and check yourself in. Okay.
  7. That reminds me of those 3D Cardboard cut outs you see in stores. Like a standee of a building. Yeah..not very good. Dissapointed.. HAVING said that, this looks like a pretty interesting theme. Daddy likes.
  8. It's been guttid inside n'd out bro. so prolly look like a shed wit lots of junk around.
  9. Lol, I'm gonna get banned for saying epic fail? Gosh, you are really butthurt from comments by little old me. Crazy dude.
  10. Of course most people will go on it, the commoners are stupid people that don't care greatly for the art of film. You people will do anything for a cheap thrill. MW used to respect the art of film more, but now they don't give a craparoo. They are called "MOVIE" world..and they have a ride based on a video game. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Whoever thought of this must be the king of moronica. Do your research, son.
  11. Movieworld really needs one set Batman theme to go with. This is from a video game, not everybody knows about it. Doesn't make much sense to me. They should have gone with something themed to the upcoming Bat film, but I guess they are too stupid.
  12. Let's have a contest to see who can write a better description. Alex... You don't have to. I'll be the only judge.
  13. The new site would be excellent if it had an archive for the past attractions. Without that it's rubbish, remember when they used to have the cool little logo's for each ride, past and present? Visiting the old website was more fun than actually going to the park.
  14. Thanks for wasting NONE of my time, I didn't even LOOK at the photo's!
  15. I want to go to the parkz events just so I can troll youz in person.
  16. I think making a mad max rollercoaster is a splendid idea, let's make something that nobody knows of into a themed attraction and expect it to make money. Real smart. I think it should be made into an inspector gadget coaster. Dododododo inspector gadget.. DODODODOOO INSPECTORRRRRR Gadget!!! derrnerenererr. That's MOIY thoughts on THAT subject. K gang, drop a comment below on the barstard bar. Says Pete Finn
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