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My Day at Seaworld

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So on Sunday before I went to Movie World for the parade I wanted to check out SW and well, what I once thought was nicest and prettiest park on the GC is gone, while the gardens and building still look nice, it just hasn't got that atmosphere anymore. Well for second day of holidays it was going to be busy and first of all we all know the train isn't working which for a busy day takes out a huge crowd soaker then the Skyway was closed and it now had four on each group, I think it then only became 3, well we now have just 2. The Flume ride wasn't open and they don't even have a proper movie anymore and the monorail had just 1 train which made it unbearable. Sea Viper first ride since re-branded, now Corkscrew I got, it didn't have a theme because it was a classic white seaside coaster, but Viper is bright tacky and its a ride with a theme, but with no theming at all. By the Way none of the ride opened on time, which doesn't help on a busy day. But first ride little boy tries to go, too small, grandfather gets very cranky and can't understand why because 12months his grandson went on it. They had to call guest services to try to explain it was a new train, not a good start, I understood why but the GP don't get why then but not now! So after the ride finally starting and being first ride on it when we hit the brakes it made a loud hissing noise... we rolled into the station and the ride was closed because it was broken down, the ride didn't stop hissing for ages. We went back after the dolphin show and the que was back out right next to the exit... no thanks and it was the slowest loading I have ever seen, the Corkscrew was loaded quicker with one person running it and I always saw the staff having to unlock harnesses and re-lock to try and send because it didn't seem to want to go the first time. Pirates the swinging Pirate ship should never have gone, at least yet, there not doing anything with the land yet, why couldn't it have stayed to help relieve bust days like yesterday. Jet Rescue was next, only one train going, and a very slow loading, I think the motocoaster could have beaten it. Still a lot of fun to ride and great ride. By the time we came back after the dolphin show it was all the way back to the bridge, yep, past the photo and lockers station and down to the bridge. Clearly this also needed 2 trains going and a faster team operating it. Bermuda Triangle... what a disappointment they have the video running at the top, but its not the same if someone collects you and bring you to the top and runs the video, its not like there saving on staff they still had someone down the bottom. The generic SW uniform on the ride looks stupid and out of place especially when you know how the staff use to look, its not the same either when you can't see fire coming out the top of the volcano. So the ride wasn't too bad, sort of, the boats sound worked, but there things like projections which were just blank like where the rock hits the screen, the UFO doesn't disappear which make it look cheap and people you had never been on it before were commenting saying that looks bad and other saying hey that use to disappear. there were also parts where show lights should have been on to show the aliens but weren't like when the aliens scan you, none of the rock doors open and shut. To top it off the didn't even have the red lights working which probably makes it look better than having something look cheap. Overall on the ride, the ride use to give of this WOW factor people would get off and go WOW the fire was just that final touch the heat the light, the smell from it and the UFO disappearing which left people think how? Its all gone now its just a normal ride. I saw people get off and go that was fun and people go that use to be way bette, what happened to the fire? and I'm betting they didn't re-ride where as people would get off and WOW that was amazing/awesome lets go do that again today!! Its really a sad loss to the park and Gold Coast. I saw the Dolphin, now that brought the magic back for me, what a great amazing show that use to give the park its added magic and WOW factor The Ray Reef I though was really good and great for kids, the Polar Bears were playing and Shark Bay amazed me again and the Fairy Penguins were a little sleepy. The construction in the waterpark is coming along it should be great when done and bring a lot more people to that back area. Also where Pig use to be the lagoon has been torn out, so I think we could be seeing something there soon. The midway games and shops, well some of the shops had bright colours on them and it reminded me of Dreamworld's faded shops. The midway games, great, I think they are a fantastic idea and were very busy, but do it right and make it look beautiful like DCA's midway games and not a badge slapped on a shed. Do it right or don't do it at all! However the toilets they have refurbished there look really well though, I'd like to see them at all there parks like MW! While doing the painful wait on the monorail I happened to see some of the Pirate show... horrible, the stadium was packed at the begging only to emptying half-way through the show, it was bad and not anywhere near as action-packed as the Ski Show... BRING THE SKI SHOW BACK... its part of the park heritage and got crowds out of the park... once again the show had that WOW factor and made people keep going back to watch it! Overall disappointing day, the park was a shell of its former self, someone at WVTP take note of what MW is doing to improve and take action, because the GP will and are noticing, before you have a park that's losing money. Everywhere I turned they had something to make money, glass bottom boat, dog tags, fish feeding on top of all the other up charge attraction they had. Also when leaving there was an ambulance next to the helicopter and someone was on stretcher being taken to it, surrounded by SW staff... But anyway I left bitter tasted and in no rush to return where once I couldn't wait to come back, SW was lost its magic and WOW factor and lost its way!!

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