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[REQ] Landscape for RCT3

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So every park I make is always on flat land as I seem to suck at making any hills/water stuff it just ends up looking crappy. Would anyone on here like to make me a huge (largest map possible) empty scenario (in the editor so I can work on it from there) please? It just needs to have a nice hilly and/or water area please as well as some flat land

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Are you saying you can do it but it will be nothing like what I want? How does that help? Basically I need something that is (is it 250x250?) the largest map with hills/valleys just something that isnt a flat block of land.every time I make one it just doesn't look natural at all

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No Sorry I didn't word that right. I want to make it exactly like you want. So I was asking if you wanted large or small hills and how much flat land you would like. Edit: would you like it like islands of adventure where the water is in the centre of the park in a lake.

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Thank you very much. It seems I will have to re make the carpark anyway as the saved one seems to freeze the game when I load it. Oh well at least they're big pieces (mostly) And the carpark actually worked Ignore the colours they will be fixed later


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