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  1. xtreme

    Bush Beast Train.

    yes snowy river rapids has been fixed. so has the pirate ship - new motor.
  2. xtreme

    Vouchers For Luna Park!

    y post on a bulliten board when you can call the park?????????????????
  3. xtreme

    Farewell Wonderland!

    it was great to be in sydney for the last ever day of wonderland. i thought it was going to be a very sad day but instaed the vibe was great. i saw heaps of familiar faces and had a long chat with simon and phil, two of the rides supervisors i met when i used to visit the park. got heaps of photos taken, and memories that will last a lifetime. the space probe would have to be the highlight of my last visit. as you ran through the tunnels, staff jumped out near the tv screens yelling 'run, run, evacuate!'. it was awesome! goodbye wonderland. thanks for the graet memories!
  4. xtreme


    y dont u grow up
  5. xtreme

    luna park sydney's new ride

    i went to luna park... that ride isnt worth the advertiesment! the park is open longer now, until 7.30pm sun-thurs and opens an hour earlier on saturday at 10am. good to see the park is doing well though
  6. xtreme

    Last Day Celebrations

    so thats all theyre havin... just a reunion party? then again i guess they would have had thousands of employees since it opened. shame they're not doing anything to go out with a bang for the public
  7. did anyone know that dreamworld owned the demon after it was used at the world park in brisbane! my friends mother who worked at dreamworld said the ride was stored there after luna park didnt get it, but went to wonderland wen dreamworld was going under. would be funny if they buy it back from wonderland hey?
  8. Does any know if there are any big events or celebrations to mark the last day that wonderland is open? ill be down in sydney, just wondering if it is worth going
  9. Thats right, sydney's luna park is now open!! ive visited the park and its looking great! had a good time and my favourite ride is already the spider. has anyone else visited (previews) or is anyone planning to go this school holidays?
  10. xtreme

    I Won A "Luna Park" Family Pass!

    maybe i should start a new post for my winning... i won a ticket to australia zoo shame i live too far away
  11. xtreme

    Luna Park Sydney Opening Week Events!

    is there any place where i can get pictures or photos of the old big dipper. the wooden one that was in sydney. thanks guys
  12. xtreme

    It's Been One Month Since!

    its a shame that a really kewl park like wonderland is closing. but at least we can all take some memories away from the place with us. ive only been there bout 6 times when i lived in sydney and it was awesome. the funniest thing was a couple of years ago when i got stuck on the chairlift with one of the supervisors who worked on the rides. i think he got more scared than me!! shame because when i move back next year it would have been heaps kewl to work at a park like wonderland. it would be great to hear about your best memories of wonderland!
  13. Is wonderland closing??? news doesnt get out that far to adelaide!